NARCh Pro Final Doesn't Disappoint

Pama Cyclones and Larceny play a surprisingly up and down affair, providing a lot of entertainment for those in attendance.

I’ll start this off with the disclaimer that I was on the floor refereeing the game, so this might be a different point of view than if I was outside the boards.

This might sound weird, but I have no idea if the stands were packed, or the atmosphere in the building, or any of the typical stuff you might see in one of these write-ups. I can tell you, however, that the usual tentative play in a final for $10k did not happen here. Both of these teams were after it right from the opening faceoff.

I said in the title that the game was surprisingly up and down. The biggest reason for the shock was that Larceny was playing with 6 players. With only 2 substitutes, one would think that they would sit back in a box and play puck possession. They may have surprised Pama by pushing the puck forward right off the bat. Just a bit after 3 minutes into the game, Cameron Prime put Larceny on the board.

I know that Daryn had a write up earlier about Travis Noe. Talk about a great kid with a TON of talent, he was playing physical all game long, never caught out of position, and amazing handling the puck. Rob Alexander was the team’s quarterback, controlling the pace. One player I think deserves mentioning from the team is Parker Conant. He scored a few great goals yesterday, and today in the biggest game of them all, was sprung on a breakaway, and scored on a big time move, sending Pama’s Troy Redmann sprawling to one side, and throwing it in the other.

Pama had their own stars, with Itan Chavira and Shawn Gawrys each dominating offensively. Pama had their own quaterback in Gerry Osterkamp, handling the pauck flawlessly throughout, and setting the tempo for his team.

This is one of the cleanest Pro finals I have seen in quite some time, and to be honest, I am really happy I didn’t have to step in and do much of anything, because this contest was truly about the skill and speed of these players.

In the end, Larceny seemed to get to a few more loose pucks, and really worked their tails off to get the job done, as they won the game 4-2. Look for a great video on the game coming up in the next few hours on

Time for me to get some sleep, as tomorrow is going to be another long day!