Nail Biters!!


By Jeremy Ellis

When attending a sporting event, a fans goal is to have the outcome come down to the final moments.  No one ever wants to sit through a blowout when the countdown to the conclusion is one born out of boredom.  The fans here at the rink today may have had more than their fill of outcomes decided within the waning moments.

If you take a look at the live scoring you will see it littered with overtimes and one goal games.  It took overtime in the Pro playoffs, Junior Semi, and Girls Final.  As I type this, the Pro final is at the half tied at 1, so the drama continues.

Three new champions are crowned today, with only the aforementioned Pro Final to finish.  In the Junior Platinum it was Alkali Fusion FTB over the Mission/Bauer Outcasts 2-1.  Not to be outdone, the Girls took it to the extra period where Pandemonium notched the golden goal to defeat the Tour Roadrunners 2-1.

Meanwhile, the Mens Platinum, 45 Over and 35 Over divisions are finishing up round robin play and seeding for the playoffs.  Tomorrows light schedule includes the championship games in those divisions.  It may be easier to find Daryn at the rink on Sunday, our Rockets team bowed out ungracefully after an o-fer in 4 games. I have to admit; I might be somewhat relieved to not have the play and ref doubleheader tomorrow.

The Mens Platinum division is a very stacked one this year with some former PRO players taking it down a division.  There are some rosters filled with higher level ice hockey players putting on the wheels for the summer.  We have discussed amongst the staff  how some of these teams would do in the PRO division.  I think there is a couple that could hold their own.

At the conclusion of the PRO final tonight, we will award the Walter Frazier MVP trophy.  If you get a chance to grab this year’s program you can read more about the trophy’s namesake and his contribution to the sport.

I just heard Alex give the one minute warning for regulation in the PRO Final, so the trend continues.  We may be working overtime once again, but then again it’s not work when you love what you do!  Check back for Alex’s day recap to catch up on all the action from today.  One more day to go!