Midget Platinum and Division 1 Heads To Playoffs

By Alex Morrison

Each of the Midget Platinum and D1 teams playing had 2 games today before ending their preliminary round. 

In Midget, 4 teams really stood out to me over the last 2 days, and as it turns out, they are the top 4 seeds in the division.  Black Ice from Long Island, NY, the Kodiaks from Colorado, Alkali Fusion (a mixture of players from across the country), and Revision Vanquish from California all played well enough, and have a ton of talent on their squads.  The most unusual game of the division so far was earlier today when Vanquish played the Reebok Wolverines.  The first half had only 2 whistles, yet there were 15 shots on goal.  It was 0-0 going into the second half.  The Wolverines had the first chance on the power play, but only got 1 shot on goal during the 2 minute man advantage.  Vanquish also had a PP opportunity late, and converted, scoring the only goal of the game.  In this high scoring sport, a 1-0 final is not the norm!

Division 1 also had its’ share of standout teams.  Reebok Larceny and the Habs joined Alkali and Alkali Asylum as the top 4 seeds, but any one of the 12 teams that made the playoffs has the potential to do some damage.  I would watch out tonight for the #6 seed Vanquish, as they look really solid.  They play perhaps the best game of the night against Alkali Fusion FTB at 8:20p on Rink 3, as the Fusion also have a ton of potential, even with their hiccup to start the event against Reebok Larceny.

The other thing about this division that is worth mentioning is that over half of the guys playing here are also playing in the Pro Division, which starts on Thursday.  The now and the future is on display in D1!