Looking forward to catching my breath.

Things have really been pumping here at Silver Creek from the first drop of the puck over 300 games ago.

So many close games it’s very difficult to keep up with all of the great action.   I would say the craziest outcome I’ve seen so far came in the cub silver championship where the Stallions scored with one second remaining to tie it and then won it in overtime.  I was standing close to a lot of the AKS Parents and when the kid got the puck with about 5 seconds left it was like a movie where it went slow motion and the parents all said at the same time, Nooooooooooo…

I’ve set the bar very high for my staff in terms of covering this event to capture the great moments.  I personally shoot all the pictures and some of the videos, while Mike, Itan, and Blake are collaborating on capturing footage and editing videos.  We’ll never get every goal, but I’m really happy with what we’ve done so far.

I’ve had a lot of compliments on the pictures on Facebook and a ton of people have commented and shared them.  If there’s one aspect I’d like to do a little better on it’s the blogs, but I believe more people look through the photos than read through the blogs.

Usually in talking about particular game action people want to read about their team or division and don’t have as much interest in reading about the rest of the event.  I guess I’m also more of a visual person, which is why I love the photos and videos.  You get a better sense for what is happening and leave less to the imagination.

While I’d say 96% of people are happy I certainly realize that you can’t please everyone.  I got blasted in an email yesterday for not having box scores up of the games.  It’s more of a philosophical stance with me, because I used to coach and believe that hockey is a team sport and the emphasis should be on the team goal of winning games, not whether player A had more points than player B.  Believe me, posting box scores is a piece of cake compared to all of the extras that we’re doing.

 The rink staff is not immune either, as they got an earful from a parent about opening early to be able to use the shower.  He’s in an RV in back taking up 5 cars parking spots and paying zero for it, but I guess we should have a hot shower ready for him on demand as well….LOL.  The facility staff here is unbelievable and I challenge anyone to try to find a cleaner rink for any major event, and they’re hosting the largest in the sport.

Like I said, most are very happy and recognize and appreciate the effort we put to make this tournament the best we can and we thank you for that.

The days get a little shorter so we look forward to actually just sitting back and watching some games, or at least I certainly do.