Looking for Men's team for EC Winternationals

I am currently looking for a
team to play on in the Narch East Coast  Winternationals. I would like
to play in the men’s silver or gold division and if you have a 35 and
over division I would like to play in that too. I have many many many
years of experience playing travel roller hockey. I have played in the
Narch Finals over 13 times in the Silver, platinum, gold divisions. I
have played over in Europe. I played in England and 2000/2001. I
played in Finland in 2001 and 2009 in the Finnish SM-Liiga. I’m a very
mobile defenseman. I can play a defensive defenseman or I can play
offensive defenseman. i am a solid defensive player and I think I can
help out any of the teams.  I play in Chicago right now so I would love to fly out and play so please let me know as
soon as you can thank you!

Ned Kennedy