Itan Chavira Blog

It’s a great day besides the Kings losing 2-1 to the Blackhawks by a gorgeous tip by Hossa.  Here in Escondido there’s a nice evening breeze and we are finally cooling down.   I’m a little jealous of the mites and peewees since they were done by noon today.  With so much to do around here with the beach not too far and the Wild Animal Park, I’m sure they had a great time this afternoon away from the rink.

With 34 games in the books and 10 more to go today has been really a great day to play the sport we all love.  It’s really great to see clubs like NCR elite (northern California) Az Groove (Arizona) and Las Vegas Rebels and of course El Paso Mooses (Texas) really making this tournament Special by traveling so far. In my eyes it’s a bit disappointing not to see this tournament being sold out with NARCh only appearing in Southern California 2 times.  I guess being the end of the year for school and kids graduating and kids still taking SAT that can for sure have an impact on any hockey tournament, even NARCh. With 35 teams in the tournament it still feels alive here at Escondido Sports center, with the skatepark indoor soccer going nonstop all day as well, Escondido Sports Center has been the place to be today.

It’s been a bit different today not holding the video camera and just doingTD (tournament director) work with Lutu. Daryn has taken full responsibility with the video/photo this weekend and the past couple events as well, it’s really funny to see how pumped he gets when he captures a action shot of a player or gets a highlight reel goal on film. You know he has a great shot when his walking back from the rink with his big grin, I swear this man is a one stop shop, he can do it all if he really wanted too. I should be scared once he learns how’s to edit then I am for sure out of a job.  Ha