We are fielding many questions about the Nor Cal Cup Championships.  As anyone that has dealt with NARCh or Nor Cal Cup for any period of time will tell you, we are strict with our rules.

Something happened this year that we didn’t expect.  We had 5 Nor Cal Cup Tournaments leading up to the Nor Cal Cup Championships.    Unfortunately we had to cancel two events because the majority of teams chose to play in the same events, the other three.  Teams did sign up for the two tournaments we had to cancel, but not enough to hold a complete tournament.   

For this reason teams will be allowed to play in the Nor Cal Cup Championships that played in 2 Nor Cal Cup Tournaments.   The previous requirement was 3, but because of what I’ve outlined, some teams were unable to play a 3rd.

The individual requirements were that a player had to play in at least 2 of the teams 3 tournaments.  Since the required tournaments for a team is dropped to 2, the required tournaments a player had to play with his team had to play in is 1. 

A player that has not played in a Nor Cal Cup Tournament this season CANNOT be added to a team for the Championships.

The purpose of the Nor Cal Cup was to give the region an organized competitive tournament series.   By doing so this would help the sport grow, give teams a great experience, and support local rinks. 

Overall I think we’ve accomplished this, but we do have a problem.  When we only have 5 tournaments and 2 are not supported to the level that those tournaments can take place, it throws a wrench in the qualifying system.   In addition it hurts the rinks where the events are cancelled. 

We need to figure out a way to assure that all 5 tournaments throughout the season are supported somewhat equally.  If not, the Nor Cal Cup may just become two individual events in November and May.   We will be talking to teams/organizations before next season to try to solve this issue and make the tournament series stronger and continue to help and support some of the smaller rinks and programs.

Looking forward to next weekend and we’ll see you at Silver Creek!