HUGE day today!

Today is the climax of the 2012 NARCh FINALS with the Pro Final and 20k up for grabs tonight at 7:15pm.   We still have divisions going through tomorrow, but it’s really more like a half day as we crown our last few champions.  If you love the sport and want to watch great hockey, today is the day you circle on the calendar.

As I mentioned yesterday if you’re a pro team it’s all about making the playoffs, which is not at all easy to do.  This year there are some great teams and players that didn’t make the cut that would be in the thick of things in years past.

Here are your quarterfinal matchups.

Reebok Larceny vs Revision Vanquish

Labeda Snipers vs Alkali RPD

Team Rink Rat vs Pama Cyclones

Next Gen Raiders vs Tour Mudcats

To get a more in depth feel for these matchups check out the rosters on the website.  You’ll see that there’s absolutely no easy game here for any of them and every team is capable of raising the cup tonight if it comes together for them today.

Yesterday in the peewee division we crowned the HoneyBaked Rollin Hogs champions.  They defeated the ’97 Warriors 6-3.  Like many divisions in NARCh Platinum this was not an easy road for the Hogs, but they battles through many tough games and stepped up when they needed to most.

Their road to a championship included:

Defeated Arizona Outcasts 7-5

Defeated North Shore Zulu 4-2

Defeated Skittles 4-1

Tied Vanquish 3-3

Grabbed the #2 seed and in playoffs

Defeated Anarchy 3-2

Defeated Wolverines in semi-final 6-0

Defeated Warriors in champions 6-3.

I can break any platinum division down and it will look similar to this.  NARCh Platinum Titles are the toughest thing in the sport to win BY FAR and if you do, it truly is an earned accomplishment.  Many great players play their whole youth careers without the chance to raise a platinum cup.

We kick this morning off with Girls semi-final action between the Tour Roadrunners vs Revision Vanquish and Pandemonium vs Raw Steel and the winners will play for the title tonight at 6pm.

35’s are in action now and that division is stacked!  Many pros and now 35 and the draft created by Labeda was a brilliant idea.  This is now my 6th year of playing 35s and I’ve been in the championship game every year and haven’t won a title.   It’s going to be tougher to win this year consider our Rockets Team is 0-2, but I’m thinking the back door approach to the playoffs may be the way to go.  Being the #1 seed obviously hasn’t worked out too well for my teams.

Watched the end of a barnburner in Junior Platinum Quarters last night as the Outcasts defeated Alkali 2-1 in overtime on what looked like a fairly innocent shot just happened to be perfectly placed and found the back of the net, and the Outcasts move on to face the Mission/Bauer Momentum in one semi-final, while the Tour Bordercats and Alkali Fusion FTB will battle in the other.  Winners will play tonight at 5:15 for the Cup.

I may own NARCh, but today I’m just a big fan of the sport and the players.   I’m going to truly enjoy watching it all play out.