Hockey, Southern Style.

By Lonny Lovins


It has been a long day here in Snellville.  While it is not quite the “Hotlanta” I was expecting, our hockey players have still provided us with some heat.


Most of the hockey will be covered in my wrap up after the tournament is over, but I think today I will talk more about how great our staff has been.  Rich Call put together a great officiating crew, and they have kept a lot of the hot tempers under wraps.  The tough play was nice to see, as every team was fighting for every loose puck, but it was even nicer to see that once the kids or adults, stepped over the line, the referees were there to put them back in line.


We had a piece of glass break, but with the quick thinking of the crew, and some help from a few mercies, we were able to move a game, and get a rink that was an hour and forty minutes behind, back on schedule.  Everyone came together as a team, and it was nice to have everything work out in the long run.


The people here have been great, but that doesn’t surprise me, as I have heard a lot about Southern Hospitality.  Being a native Californian, you don’t always get to see a welcoming side to people right away.  So far the tournament has been smooth, even with a few hiccups.  I am looking forward to tomorrow when we get to put a bow on this thing, and wrap it up.

For now, La Quinta Inn’s bed is calling my name, and I think I should answer that call before the alarm wakes me in less than 6 hours.  Until tomorrow!