Here we go from Irvine Inline!

The largest regional qualifier of the year, and actually the largest ever, has started here in Irvine.  107 teams are competing, which is basically the size of two very large regional qualifiers.  This is why we had to start on Thursday, there’s just no other way to fit into the 250 games needed.   We were at least able to avoid the out-of-town teams starting tonight, but they’ll be in play bright and early in the morning.

I haven’t been to this facility since the Ducks became involved and I must say I’m really impressed.  New paint in the front, brand new netting, and new shades for the sides make a huge difference in the appearance.  There are also some finer touches, like pictures on the back rink and signage throughout.  It was already one of my favorite facilities and it’s now even better!

Many teams have come out of the woodwork to play this weekend because they plan to attend the NARCh FINALS in July.  What’s even more positive is the fact that many So Cal Teams are holding off for the Escondido Tourney in North San Diego.   That’s going to be a larger tourney than it’s ever been and if I had to estimate I’d say there will be close to 200 teams at the NARCh FINALS from the home state.

We’ll be taking tons of pictures, multiple videos, and a handful of blogs to keep everyone up to speed on the action here from Irvine.   I can’t wait for tomorrow because the place is going to be absolutely pumping!