Here we go - '13 Season off and running

Games are underway as we kick off the 2013 Season here at the Silver Creek Sportsplex in San Jose.  Squirts, peewees, and bantam action start the event with some men’s platinum, men’s silver, and pro action later this evening.   305 games will take place over the next 4 days, so if you’re a hockey fan, this is the place to be.

 WINTERNATIONALS is the first major event of the season and gives teams a chance to really size up their competition for the year.   Due to the size of the event, teams get to compete against teams they don’t normally play.    New teams form, rosters change, and kids age out, so you can’t assume that a team from the previous year in a division is going to look the same.

 If you’ve ever been to Silver Creek for WINTERNATIONALS or the FINALS you know that the place is perfect for a major event.   A big part of what adds to the energy of our events is the support of our industry sponsors.  Tour Hockey, Alkali, Reebok, Revision, Labeda, and Rink Rat Wheels are all here to show their products and have some fun off the rink with everyone.  Make sure you spend a few minutes roaming through their booths and checking out what they have to offer.    They love the sport and are great people.  For what it’s worth Mike Urbano from Reebok was the first to set up today! 

 I hope to have some different people blogging this weekend to give a little different perspective.   A lot of guys say they’re happy to blog, but find a way to dodge the task with so much other stuff going on.  Itan has been promising a blog for over a year now. 

Casey Wedge is our newest TD, fresh off graduating from UC Santa Barbara.  Casey is a life long NARCh Player and knows the scorekeepers particularly well, since he’s spent his fair share of time in the penalty box while playing.  Mike Vickerman is excited to have Casey on staff.  Since Casey is the staff rookie he may be the topic of a few jokes, which could take some attention off Mike. 

I have a great staff here to take care of a lot of the busy work, which allows me to roam around and talk to people and shoot pictures and videos.   While there’s a ton of prep work that goes into every event, I really enjoy myself once the puck drops and the games begin.