Here We Go!

Morning of Day 1.

I intended to write a blog at 6am but things have been crazy here at Silver Creek on the first morning of the NARCh FINALS, but all in a good way.   The facility is dressed to the 9’s, all NARChed up.   Sponsors continue to go bigger and better.   First impression is that Tour Hockey made the biggest leap and is up for most improved booth, but Revision, Labeda, and Rink Rat all stepped it up too.  Alkali has been hot since it came on the scene last year.

The merchandise booth has been slammed!  With 4 skills competitions today it’s been a frenzy getting everyone signed up.  The first one kicks off in about 2 hours and they’re pretty consistent all afternoon.

Most of the teams playing today actually have 3 games, but then their schedule lightens up tomorrow.   A lot of people take vacations around this event and like to do things away from the rink, so those that have a heavy schedule today will have some time tomorrow to do some fun stuff away from the rink like San Francisco or Santa Cruz Boardwalk.

It’s the Silver/Club Divisions today along with the atom division.   I’ve seen teams in action already from Hong Kong, Colorado, Hawaii, Nevada, and Arizona, along with a ton of teams from all over California.    Really impressed with #68 from Hong Kong, he put was putting on a clinic in part of the game I watched earlier.

We’re already taking tons of pictures and videos and will have stuff up a little later today.

Everyone here is pumped up and I’ve been greeted by a lot of friendly faces.  It’s hard not to have a good time at the NARCh FINALS.