Goodnight From Irvine.

By Lonny Lovins

As we wind down here in Irvine, I am reflecting on a great tournament.  We saw a lot of great action on Sunday, and it makes me excited for the rest of the tournaments we have down the stretch.   There seems to be a pretty good buzz in the air about finals, and some of the new teams we saw are looking to make a mark in Florida.  

Daryn hit on it earlier with his blog, Florida is going to be amazing.  Just being a part of the finals last year gave me a true sense of how a tournament should be run.  I am not going to knock other tournaments, but I have been a part of a lot of hockey, and I have not seen the same thing we provide, anywhere else.  I hope the teams that expressed interest continue to look ahead to Florida, and for the teams that are thinking of skipping the event this year, I hope they reconsider and join us in Estero.

It is clean up time now, and I am going to get going.  Look back here in the next day or so for the Irvine recap.  Until we meet again, good luck and have fun!