Good Morning from Irvine Inline - Saturday, April 28th

We’re into our first set of games on this beautiful Saturday Morning from Irvine Inline.  The rinks are nice and dry and I’m sure it’s going to be a phenomenal day of hockey.  We have playoffs and championships throughout the day, so I’d figure I would get a few words in now because I probably won’t have time later.

Many people are asking when they’ll know what division they’ll play in for the FINALS.  Typically we have the seeds up within 3-4 days, so by the end of next week you should be able to plan your trip to San Jose and know exactly what days you’ll be playing.

One observation I’ve had the last 24 hours is the number of kids that are here from the ice rinks.  I love ice hockey too and actually coach my two sons in an in-house team in San Diego during the Winter. I’ve noticed some familiar faces here that I usually only see when I’m wearing a jacket and avoiding a Zamboni.

A lot of kids in So Cal play both, but it seems that more kids are coming from ice to roller.  Maybe trying it because they’re buddies told them how much fun it is.  Not quite sure of the exact reason, but it’s nice to see this instead of our worst case scenario, where kids go from roller to ice and never come back.

I’ve got a great staff and looking forward to a busy, sometimes hectic, but mostly fun day!  I’m sure I’ll be running around and taking pictures for Facebook and capturing some cool moments with the video camera.

Itan is in back as we speak working on editing a video from action from the event so far.   I made him go in the back room, because when he’s out in public he gets about half the work done.   He’s not only a great player, but also a real likeable person and everyone loves to chat it up with him.  He’ll never be rude and will talk to anyone, so he has to hide to be most efficient in his work.

Last note.  Today is my wife Tanya’s Birthday!  She’ll get upset if I reveal her age, but let’s just say it’s a monumental birthday.  She’s an absolute trooper and really the backbone of this successful company, helping with more things than anyone will ever realize.   She’ll get my kids ready for their games, man the merchandise booth, and I’m sure chat it up with all the wonderful people that she’s become friends with.  If you know her do me a favor and wish her a happy birthday!