Georgia Regional is Underway!

by Alex Morrison

We have started this weekend’s event in Snellville, a suburb of Atlanta, and have a full day ahead of us.  The SGAA Dual Deck Arena is a very intimate place with the rinks separated by a 20 foot wide raised walkway, all the makings of a great environment inside!

All 25 teams will be playing today at least 2 times, and a few have 3 games.  While a majority of the players are from Georgia, a few teams have made the trip from North Carolina.  I recognize a lot of faces from the NC Regional I was at just a few weeks ago.  It’s great that they came down this weekend.

An old friend and former NARCh guy, Mike Lozano is here coaching the Cooler Selects team.  Mike is as good a guy as I have ever met and had the opportunity to work with.  He is working hard teaching his players that usually only play ice hockey the nuances and differences with roller, like spacing and puck possession.  He may have a few extra gray hairs after the weekend is done.  =)

I will have another post later, giving a little insight into what is happening on the rink!  Ta ta for now.