Georgia On A Saturday Afternoon

by Alex Morrison

We are 26 games into this weekend’s event in Georgia, and what we have seen so far has not disappointed.

I don’t usually lead off with this division, but the most interesting thing that I have seen in a long time is happening here.  Each team has played 2 games, making 4 total games played so far.  Of those 4 games, 3 of them have been ties, and the remaining game was decided by 1 goal.  That means in the Men’s Division, 2 of the teams are 0-0-2, one is 1-0-1, and one is 0-1-1.  In the 18 years I have been working for NARCh, I can’t say that I have ever seen that before.  Itan Chavira is out here working with me, and helped the division out by throwing a team together called Mijo and Friends.  It is always interesting to watch people’s reactions to Itan, as he has a bit of a fan club here in the south.  I noticed it a few weeks ago at the NC Regional, and I see it even more here.  I know that he appreciates the positive attention, and he is even giving some attention back, as he is holding a clinic tonight when we finish for local kids.  He should be done just in time for us to grab some dinner and watch the Sharks/Kings game.

The Bantam division resembles the Men’s group just a bit, as all of the games here have been close as well, with the slight exception of a 5-2 game.  2 games have been within a goal, and 1 was a tie.

The other 4 groups here have had their share of close games and not so close games, but that is all leading to what I expect to be very evenly matched playoff and finals tomorrow.

All of the scores and matchups will be updated on the website as we progress, assuming our internet stays up (it has been spotty today).  Here is the link:

See you tomorrow in Snellville.