Friday Mid-Day Update

July 27th

There’s a ton of action right now here at Silver Creek and the house is packed!  It’s also hard to stay on top of it all with the updates, but here’s what is on my mind mid-day on Friday.

The Pro Skills last night was a ton of fun.  I’ve never seen the rink as crowded as it was last night.  The players had a blast and the crowd was definitely entertained.

Travis Noe from Reebok stole the show last night with a great move to win the sniper competition over Brandon Pirri of Revision.  Talking to Brandon this morning he had a lot of fun and was impressed with some of the moves that guys were pulling off.

Brandon played a ton of NARCh growing up but this is his first NARCh FINALS since Florida 07.   He has been successful on the ice, getting drafted in the 2nd round and even getting called up for a few games with the Chicago Blackhawks this season.    He put on a snipe show last night but Travis outlasted him.

Our only championship today is in the peewee division.  In the semi-finals this morning the 97 Warriors defeated Team Skittles and Honeybaked Rollin’ Hogs defeated the Colorado Wolverines.   The championship is set for 2pm but may run a little late since we just had a wall of glass break on rink 1.  Since the glass here starts at the floor, cleanup takes a bit longer.   The Silver Creek Staff was on it and did a good job though, as usual.

I don’t know if it’s just me, but the Pro Division is better than ever.  I think there are about 8 teams that have a legitimate chance of winning the title and the prize money.   Nobody that plays pro is of the mindset that they need to go undefeated.  It’s all about getting to the playoffs first, then at that point one shift at a time.   We’re in our 3rd set of games with the last prelims tonight.

Girls, Women, and Mens Platinum are all in action now too.  Later come the older guys, 35’s and 45’s.    Our whole staff is very into the sport and many of us are lacing them up over the next few days as well.  It will be great to sweat out some of the last 20 days of rink food but will be even more taxing staying on top of things behind the scenes.

We have just over 100 games left, so we see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Hopefully the end can match the great action that we’ve seen in the first 730 games.