Frequently Asked Questions about the MEN’S DIVISIONS and an Age Requirement Change.

There’s a misconception that men’s teams have to qualify for the NARCh FINALS.  THEY DON’T!  They are OPEN DIVISONS and all you have to do is fill out the form and send it in with payment to register.  The FINALS Registration can be found at

Players CAN NOT play multiple divisions between the MEN’S DIVISIONS.  Whether a player is playing Pro, Platinum, Gold, or Silver, they can only play in one of these divisions.

Players that are age eligible can play multiple divisions other than Mens as long as they are age appropriate.  For example, a player can play 35 and Over and Mens, or Junior and Mens.  Technically if a player is 18 and wanted to he could play Midget, junior, D1, and one of the Men’s Divisions at the same NARCh FINALS. 

35 and Over and 45 and Over are also OPEN DIVISIONS, teams do not have to play in a regional qualifier and can just register for the NARCh FINALS and play.

AGE REQUIREMENT CHANGE  – In the past a player had to be 18 and over to play in the Mens Division by game day.  We are changing this rule to be consistent with what we do for 35 and Over and 45 and Over.  As long as the player turns 18 by the end of the calendar year, or 35 and 45 respectively, that player is eligible for that division.   So for men’s, players that are born in 1994 are eligible!  This includes the Pro Division.

Please pass along this information, as they are the most frequent questions we get asked.