First time caller, long time listener

By Lonny Lovins

Although I have been a long time referee, this is my first experience both behind the scenes at NARCh, and being in North Carolina.  The temperatures changed dramatically over night as it was 65 degrees yesterday, and snowing buckets today.  The people of NC have been great, and their warm reception to the tournament and the staff has made the weather more than bearable.  The locals love their Hurricanes, and it shows as nearly every parent and child is donning at least one piece of ‘Canes wear.

As we are nearing the end of the first day of the tournament, the only thing that has changed faster than the weather are the scores.  The play out on this coast seems to favor a more “run and gun” style that brings me back to my roots in roller hockey.  It takes me back to the days where you pushed forward and you almost never retreated back to your own net to wait for a perfect opportunity.  You created opportunities with pressure, and a risk reward mind set.  It was a refreshing change to the style of hockey I have become accustomed to seeing at home in California.

Overall it has been a very fun day watching fast paced hockey with an energetic group of fans.  More to come tomorrow…