First final down, but a lot more hockey to be played in St. Louis

There were only 2 teams in the Atom final and even though the Tour Blast was the more dominate team, the All Stars never gave up. The Blast was lead by Top Scorer number 5 Mason Christopher with 4 goals and 2 assists in round robin play, and Top Goalie number 28 Karch Kraemer who faced 35 shots, 32 saves which totaled a .91 save percent average. That didn’t matter to the All Stars who came out every game and gave it everything they had.

In the final it looked as if we might have an upset as Isaac Cooper from the All Stars got on the board early, but Number 8 Ricky Sheffey could not be contained scoring 3 goals and 1 assist with the Tour Blast taking home gold.

I have to mention number 12 Kaleb Kochner from the All Stars. Even though he is one of the smallest players on the rink, he definitely plays the biggest. He skated every shift at 100 percent, and it didn’t matter who had the puck, or how big they were, he skated with no fear and all heart, so far the best skater to watch thus far in the tournament.

There a still a bunch of games to be played today, and each division is still wide open. Should be a great afternoon of hockey.