First Day of NARCh FINALS comes to a close.

It was a solid start to the 2013 NARCh FINALS today.   With so many moving parts the first day is always a little tougher until everyone gets in a rhythm and routine.

There were many lopsided games today which is always a little bit of a bummer to me because if I had it my way every game would be won or lost by a goal and come down to the end, but that’s obviously not realistic.   The good news is that it will work itself out through the prelims and by the time we hit playoffs and the divisions are split, it should make for some very competitive playoff and championship games.

The Namibian Teams are absolutely rolling!  They deserve a ton of credit for improving so much with such limited resources.  I think almost every kid is on brand new skates that they bought this week since it is so difficult to get quality equipment in South Africa.  They played NARCh two years ago in Florida and the improvement has been tremendous.

AKS from California is absolutely dominating the 8u competition.  Hopefully they’ll cross paths with someone that can give them a game.  The Dragons from North Carolina dominate their region, so that will be a highly anticipated matchup to look for.

The whole SIHA Stallion program is rolling as well.  Probably the best game was their come from behind win in 8u against the Mission Bauer Bordercats.  The Bordercats were up 3-1 when I walked away, so I guess I left prematurely and was a little surprised when I noticed the score.

Our Live Streaming had a few expected hiccups but we’ve got them dialed in and the product we stream through this event will be amazing.  It will only improve and I can’t wait to see the pro action at the tail end of the tourney.   I got a few knuckheaded remarks that annoyed me like – “You might want to work out the kinks before you go live.”  Well, the only way you know you have kinks live is if you are live.  But whatever, I know what we’re doing is amazing and they’ll always be haters and few miserable people.

We appreciate everyone that is taking part in our 20th NARCh FINALS whether you’re a player, parent, coach, or even just a fan.  We’ll be back tomorrow early for our busiest of all 17 days!