East Coast Winters comes to a close

It’s Monday Afternoon and Winternationals has come to a close. I was honestly on the fence about adding this tournament and what pushed me to pull the trigger was the Roadrunner and Black Ice Programs committing to travel in if we did it. I guess I owe Vio and Jason an even bigger thank you than usual because they did bring all their teams as promised and the tournament was a big success.

There are so many great people that helped make this tournament better by participating. I’ve known many of them for years, like the Phil and his Rattlers, Terry Peckham and his son Blake and the crew from NorCal, Jamie from Marple, Charley from here in NC, and of course the cast from Long Island. It was fun hanging with them all this weekend. It was also cool getting to new some of the newer teams a little better, like Jeff McGavis from Buffalo, Chris Pelka from New York City, the whole crew from Venezuela, and all of the nice people that call Dreamsports their home rink.

It wasn’t our largest tournament ever, but I’m perfectly fine with that. It was a smooth event on all levels and everyone had a great time, which is what it’s ultimately all about. Many new players competed for the first time and NARCh will definitely have a stronger presence in this market because of this tournament. Steve Werner and the Dreamsports Staff did a great job this weekend making sure that we had everything we needed to put on a good event.

I’d like to thank all of the sponsors for coming in and supporting NARCh. Their presence adds an element of excitement to our tournaments and we appreciate them. The sponsors that didn’t have to fly home today and the NARCh Staff is going to go grab dinner and drinks once we completely put a wrap on this tournament. Currently we’re all still at the rink packing stuff up and putting the finishing touches on things.

I was proud of my staff here at this tourney. I’m a tough guy to keep happy because I have such high standards and easily get frustrated at times, but they deal with that and do the best they can and know that it’s all for the greater good of the event.

Chad Spezia handled the scores and stats, Jeremy Ellis handled the check-in and announcing, and Itan Chavira was all about the videos. Everyone chips in and it’s not as if their duties were restricted to just what I mentioned, but this is how they spent most of their time.

When you spend as much time as you do with the same people over somewhat stressful circumstances, it’s helps to like who you’re working with. We make a good team and we make our job a lot of fun.

I sort of lead the banter but they all chimed in this weekend. I gave Itan a hard time because I sent him to Kinkos to put up the video and wasn’t really happy at the time, so I referred to Kinkos as a NARCh Timeout.

Itan, in turn, gave Chad Spezia a hard time because Chad made so many mistakes on the bracket boards that we needed another bottle of whiteout. Chad also took a beating every time we got into the rental car because the child safety lock was on so he got left in the car a few times. CS not only stands for Child Safety, but also Chad Spezia.

Ironically Ellis did not get picked on too much this weekend, but he is the NARCh Veteran of the three. I have a feeling tonight will be his night though as we haven’t had much sleep and he’s notorious for falling asleep pretty much anywhere and everywhere, no matter how loud it is.

We still have some videos to put up the next 24 hours but we hope you had a great time with us this weekend. We had a lot of fun and look forward to seeing everyone again at another event soon!

One thing you definitely don’t want to miss out on this year is the NARCh FINALS in San Jose. Start to beg, borrow, and steal or do whatever you have to do, but don’t miss out on the FINALS! Great memories have a small window of opportunity, and chances are we’ll all always have bills!