East Coast Winternationals pre-tourney update

East Coast Winternationals – pre-tourney update

I’m currently sitting in the Holiday Inn Express getting some busywork done. The breakfast area just filled up with the Venezuela Team that’s playing in the tournament. They’re making the most of their visit, getting in a few days early to practice and taking in the Hurricane Game tonight.

I’m very excited about this tournament. Teams from everywhere are traveling in to play this weekend. There are more teams from out-of-state than there are from the home state of North Carolina. I gave Facebook a quick glance this morning and it seems that everyone is pumped and excited to get down here and most are in transit. Except for Chad Spezia, who’s stuck in the Phili Airport.

A lot of the teams in this market play the same teams all the time. I can tell by the emails I received the last few days that there’s an increased level of excitement and anxiety from the local teams, because they have no idea what to expect from the competition traveling in. With the exception of a few, most North Carolina Teams don’t put the effort into traveling a lot because there’s so many events in their backyard, or at least within a few hour drive. Hopefully by talking to some of the out of town teams this weekend and having a great experience they’ll realize what they’re missing out on and make their way to San Jose this summer for the big one!

We bought a new camcorder this week and we’re excited to put it to use and produce some great videos from the action this weekend. Itan Chavira will be the main guy behind the camera, but I’m sure I’ll catch some good stuff too. I love the videos and I’m like an excited little kid when I record a great goal or save.

Now time for a quick airport run then we’re off to the rink for set-up.
If you’re playing this weekend at Dreamsports I appreciate your support and hope you have great time!