Day 8: Out of the frying pan, and into the fire.

By Lonny Lovins

As tournament directors, there is always a lot of heat on us to provide the best experience possible, and I feel like that is something that we, as a team, excel at doing. We have brought an experienced and knowledgeable staff and referee team, which helps keep the heat pretty low. However, as the games get more and more important, we are usually in a position to help keep everyone’s head nice and cool.


So far this tournament, we have had a lot of really good coaches, parents, players and staff. Very very few of them have given us any problems, and that has only added to the experience for everyone involved. In the end this is all for fun. The prize is nice, but the experience of coming to this event and playing against so many different teams should be the true prize. Thank you to all who have come, and an even bigger thank you to those who have been sportsmanlike even when things haven’t gone their way. The smile has barely left my face the whole time, and when you see the staff handing out the medals, you can see the joy on their faces as well, as the players come up to receive their medals and trophies.


The fire I am jumping into, will be as a player. I will get a first hand look of how the tournament is running from the floor. I am hoping that by playing, I can provide a unique perspective with these blogs, and be even more pumped up than I already am…although that could just be the Tim Horton’s coffee, the 5 hour energy, and the vitamin water I have already consumed today.



On a side note, we have the Men’s skills competition tonight, and I am hoping that we get at least as many sign ups as last year. It was highly entertaining to watch the grown men pulling off the moves they learned as a kid. So if you are reading this, and you haven’t signed up, do so as soon as possible. It should be a blast. Catch that on the live feed at 9:40pm EST. More to come later!