Day 4 @ The Narch Finals

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Day 4

By Chad Spezia

Day 4 here at the Narch Finals was loaded with great hockey to go along with the great atmosphere. Everybody do yourselves a favor and check out the Day 4 Highlight Video, it pretty much sums up how the events gone so far better than I could explain in words.

On that note, Daryn and camera guys have been working tirelessly to put these videos together. Many people don’t realize how much time and effort it takes to put them together for the kids but they definitely deserve a shout out. I’m actually very surprised at some of the camera angles. Besides Daryn, none of the guys with camera are tall enough to see over the dasher boards. They must have all gotten on each other’s shoulders to take some of the footage.

As far as the hockey goes I don’t even know where to begin. There were a ton of great games on Day 4. Everybody loves an overtime game, (besides the goalie parents) and we sure had plenty of those to go around. The game that stuck out to me especially was the 10:40pm Bantam club playoff between the Rampage-CA and Dragons-Hong Kong. It’s not very often you see a 1-1 roller hockey game, let alone a playoff game at the end of regulation. The play picked up a notch in overtime, and the teams went back and forth deep into it before #68 from the Dragons scored to win it. Not sure the kids name, but he is one of the youngest players in the division and has been lighting it up all weekend. Props to you buddy.

The championships were all fun to watch as well. It’s a nice problem to have when people have broken medals because the hardware is so heavy!

I also want to apologize to the Bantam Silver/Club parents for the seeding blunder last night! It was the end of a long day and Itan Chavira gave me some bad information. Everybody should blame him! I’m kidding it was completely my fault. My new nickname is now whiteout.

Jeremy Ellis, the voice, is now in the building and he has that look in his eye like he’s ready to work!!

Once again check out the Day 4 Highlight Video!!!