Day 2 - East Coast Winters

Today started off much better for me than yesterday. Yesterday I was running around town looking to replace a lens and today I’m having a great time taking in the action while I’m filming and shooting a few photos. I love capturing some of the great moments and being able to replay them, whether it’s by a photo or the action on video.

The weather is completely different than yesterday. Today it’s cold and rainy, yesterday it was about 65 and sunny. Either way it doesn’t matter much too me, as I don’t see the sun or the rain inside the rink. When we do see the rain from inside the rink we have big problems.

Itan got a video up from yesterday but it’s taking forever to upload. I’m pretty happy with it but I think todays highlight video will be even better!

As usual, Jason Muro had me in stitches last night. I love catching up with that guy. Even though he’s hard core East Coast and I’m West Coast, we see pretty eye to eye on most things that relate to the sport. We were discussing all of the teams that are afraid of playing NARCh that shouldn’t be, especially with how we split the divisions. There’s only way one-way to get better, and that’s to play. Win or lose, NARCh is a great time that you shouldn’t be missing out on.

Seeds are being filled in and playoff matchups are starting to take shape. Tournament Directors Jeremy Ellis and Chad Spezia are both suppose to step up and write a blog to give their perspective a bit.

Atoms and Mites are the only two divisions to end today, so we’ll be handing out some hardware a bit later for the little guys. I’m excited to see the junior and mens divisions start today. There were some great games in those divisions yesterday and I expect more of the same today.

A lot of people here are experiencing our tournament for the first time. We had 50 new Facebook Fans subscribe to our page yesterday, which is cool. I know we’re making a big impact here with the new people and I’m sure the word will spread to others that they really missed out on a fun tournament.

Time to get off the computer and back to a rink!