Day 15: Pros, Cons, and Finals.

By Lonny Lovins

Our day started with the Bantam Final. I know I keep saying this every day, but our final games seem to be getting better and better. Reebok/BTM and Alkali Max gave us a treat today with a double over time thriller. Both teams played a little tighter to the breast than we were used to seeing them in the round robin games. The game played out to a 2-2 tie in regulation. This brought on our first overtime. Both goalies stood on their heads in overtime, and control was the name of the game as each team was looking for the perfect opportunity to break the stalemate, while not giving up a chance in their own end. Neither team would score in the 1st overtime which brought us to our second overtime. As with most overtime games, all it took was a little mistake, and the mistake was made by the Alkali Max. The BTM team jumped on the opportunity and buried the game winner to catapult themselves to the top of the Bantam Platinum podium.


Our PeeWee final had a little less drama, but no lack of skill. This game feature the Detroit Stars vs. The Honeybaked Rollin Hogs. The 1st period was pretty innocuous, as the Rollin Hogs carried a pretty surprising 1-0 lead going into the half. Whatever the Honeybaked coach said at half time must have fired up the boys, as they came out flying in the 2nd period. Honeybaked would add 5 more goals while only surrendering 1 goal in what turned out to be a romp. Final score Honeybaked Rollin Hogs 6, Detroit Stars 1.


The Pro division would finish round robin today, and seeding would be done. While there weren’t many surprises at the top, there were a few from the middle of the pack down to the final seed. Our seeding ended up like this. #1 Labeda Snipers, #2 Alkali RPD, #3 Tour Mudcats, #4 Revision Vanquish, #5 Pama Cyclones, #6 Next Gen, #7 Bordercats, #8 Mississauga Rattlers, #9 Black Ice, #10 Alkali Asylum, #11 Infamous, #12 Tour Roadrunners.


With the seeding done, it was time to start our playoffs for the pros. Our 1st pro playoff featured the Pama Cyclones and a scrappy Tour Roadrunners team. A lot has to be said for the tenacity of the Pama Cyclones. Missing some notable names, they still seem to bring a solid team every year. This game was close as both teams played strong and scored a couple goals each in the 1st half. Still deadlocked 5 minutes into the 2nd a tripping penalty was assessed to the Roadrunners. Pama would only take 20 seconds to score on the powerplay, to take the lead. The Roadrunners, still reeling from the powerplay goal, would surrender another goal 17 seconds later. That is all Pama would need as they would control the play for the rest of the game, and keep the Roadrunners from being able to climb back in. Pama moves on, Roadrunners hit the pavement.


Our #6 vs #11 matchup featured the Next Gen team, and Infamous. This game was pretty much over from the drop of the puck, as Next Gen got after Infamous early and never looked back. Next Gen would score all 6 of their goals in the 1st period. Infamous would try and mount a comeback in the 2nd period, but their 2 goals would not be enough as Next Gen would move on, and Infamous would shrink back behind their Guy Fawkes mask and fade into the shadows.


The #8 vs #9 game would showcase the skills of the Mississauga Rattlers and the Black Ice team. The Rattlers got off to a quick start in this game as they scored around 10 minutes into the 1st period. The Rattlers would slow the game down and try to nurse their 1 goal lead. However, it wouldn’t work for long, as the Black Ice team would score a couple quick goals to head into the half with a 2-1 lead. The 2nd period would belong to the Rattlers, as they scored a couple of goals early in the period, and would ride the momentum late. Black Ice would get frustrated and take some late penalties only helping the Rattlers hold onto their lead and the game. The upstart Rattlers moving on, Black Ice sliding out of the picture.


Our last game of the night would pit the #7 Bordercats against the #10 Alkali Asylum. This game was a bit of a snoozer, as the Bordercats scored quick, and continued to pour on the pressure the entire game. They made the Asylum look befuddled on multiple occasions, including when they killed a 4 on 2 with seemingly little effort. Final in this one, Bordercats 6, Asylum 1.



I will bring more tomorrow when we get the seeding done for everyone else including Women’s and Men’s Platinum.