Day 13: Fame, Fortune, Being Infamous and the Allure of winning.

Usually you only want to chase two of three afore mentioned things in the title. Unless you are known for being Infamous, then you are working for all three at once.


Before we get to the Division 1 play, we will go through where the rest of the day has taken us so far and recap some of the best games.


The games in our Platinum divisions have been so close that it seems each day I am re-writing the story of the day before. We showed up this morning ready for the speed and skill, but not necessarily the tightness of all the scores. Generally in the round robin games, we will see quite a few blow outs. This is usually expected, and we try to insure that every team has a similar schedule. No matter how we think it is going to work out, it always plays out differently. I guess this is why Chris Berman says “This is why we play the game.”


Jr. Platinum got going today, and before we dropped the first puck we knew these were going to be some lighting fast and close games. How close? How about 3 ties out of the first 6 games in the division, with 1 other being separated by only 1 goal. Seeding for this division should be just about as fun as seeding for Jr. Gold which was really close as well. A lot of these kids were also running back and forth from D-1 Playoffs which made for more excitement than I am sure they wanted. But it is all in good fun when you are playing multiple games in a day.


The Bantam Platinum division got off on the right foot today as well providing us with our best game of the day by far. The Tour Roadrunners 96 team was playing against the Reebok/BTM team out of Arizona. While the score may make this sound like a run of the mill snooze fest, if you saw this game, you would know it was anything but a sleeper. The Roadrunners and Reebok team through shot after shot on net, and each team’s goaltenders played incredible. We were seeing everything from two pad stacks, full split slides, and huge glove saves, to goalies knocking pucks out of yawning cages with their paddles, and everything in between. Just when you thought there was no chance either team was going to score, the Roadrunners would find a fortuitous bounce in the slot and bury a huge slapper to take the lead with 30 seconds left. There was a collective deep breath taken by the Roadrunner’s bench, as they thought they were going to sneak out of the game with 2 points instead of 1. The next 26 seconds would prove otherwise. BTM took the faceoff and sent a flurry of bodies, shots and everything they had at the net. A great forecheck off of a blocked shot gave Team Reebok the chance they needed as the puck ended up at the top of the circles where a great toe drag and a quick wrister would tie the game up with 4 seconds left. Sending a shockwave through the building that almost blew the roof off of this place. Very very exciting game to watch. All of the Bantam Platinum games so far have been close as only one game has been decided by more than 1 goal, and that game was decided by only 2 goals. I imagine seeding and playoffs should be amazing for this division.


Squirt and PeeWee Platinum got under way as well, and while their games were not as close as the other divisions, they still had some entertaining shows for us. Capitalized by a 3 to 3 tie by the Squirt Platinum Oakville Coyote 01′s and the Reebok 2000′s. They are currently the class of the division and should provide some fun games tomorrow for playoffs. The PeeWees still have a long way to go before their division is settled, so I will have more on them tomorrow as things get closer to being settled.


Now onto the division of surprise…Division 1. As I talked about yesterday, we had the Infamous team playing out of their minds last night to knock off a strong Alkali team. This morning they came in guns a blazing again as they played against the Tour Mudcats, which were the odds on favorite to take the division. This was a game of lock down defense, a few measured counter attacks and stellar goaltending. The Mudcats repeatedly found themselves in front of the net firing puck after puck, but they could not seem to get anything going. On the other hand, Infamous found holes here and there and kept the pressure on as much as their stingy defense would allow. Infamous frustrated the Mudcats and kept their cool as they went on to win another shocker 4-2. Revision did what great teams do when faced with an upstart. They stick to the game plan and execute like they know how. Revision came in and took it to the Rattlers who did not have any answers for them today. Final score Revision Vanquish 9, Rattlers 2. This set up for what we hoped would be an interesting final pitting an unstoppable force against an immovable object. Unfortunately for Infamous, the unstoppable force on this day would be the Revision Vanquish as they held the lead from wire to wire in what was a clean and concise win for them. With quite a few of the pros playing in this division, it should provide the guys with a good warm up for tomorrow when the Pro Division kicks off.


As always, I will bring you a recap of the day as things go final. Check in with us tomorrow!