Comeback of the weekend

By Mike Vickerman

In the Pee Wee semi finals yesterday afternoon we had some great highlights, celebrations and upsets. In the first Semi final games The Read Hawks soared over the Wolverines by a score of seven to four, and the Black Bears Clawed their way past the Grey Wolves Five to One. The next stop for the Red Hawks was against the Bandits where their journey came to end loosing by a score of eight to one. The Black Bears kept rolling and took care of the Cyclones to advance to the finals.

In the Championship game the Black Bears looked as if they were wiped out and couldn’t get any momentum. The Bandits got on the board just fifteen seconds into the game with a goal from Joey Lasasso.  Two minutes later Christian Perry would get on the board and Cameron Rathmell would follow shortly after giving the Bandits a three – zero lead.

It wasn’t until the 7:05 mark that the Black Bears would get a shot on net and show some signs of life. Rafe White and Jake Yoho would each score before the end of the half to get the Bears on the board. The Bandits would add to their three and get three more from Christian Perry, Cameron Rathmell, (his second), and Bradley Higgins.

In the second half Tanner Laurence from the Bandits would get to more making it eight to two.

One thing that I have learned in all my playing years is that no matter how bad your loosing you keep fighting and that’s just what the Black Bears did. Gabe King would start the comeback of the tournament with a goal at the four-minute mark, and just fifteen seconds later Blake Jakobec would contribute as well. The Bears would get three more goals pulling within one and Jake Felsner would get his second of the night to tie it up.

With no goals in the overtime we would proceed to a shootout where Wyatt Kiewics would stop three of the four and capture Gold for the Bandits.

In the 21 and over division the Mudcats would go undefeated in round robin play and stay that way in the Championship game to capture Gold.

The Jr. Mudcats Which is a Bantam team played up for this tournament so they could also get ready for finals in San Jose showed that they will be a solid contender. I was impressed with the chemistry they had with each other look forward to seeing how far they go at finals.

Another team I was impressed with and can’t wait to watch is San Jose is the Mudcat women’s team. Kendall Curtis who attends Ohio State was actually on the cover of one of the Narch Magazines in 2005. She will be joined by Taylor Gross from Penn State, Ashley Funa from North Dakota, Molli Mott from St. Cloud, and Shara Jasper currently attends Minnesota Duluth just to name a few of this unbelievable roster.

Today we have a lot more hockey and two more medals to hand out. Should be a great Sunday.