Closing out Day 1

By Lonny Lovins

With the last of our first 18 games wrapping up, it has been a fun day.  This is my first time in the Skate Safe arena, and I like the feel of the place.  It is kind of like an old barn with 2 nice hockey sheets.  It has a nice homey feel like my old rink growing up.  This is a place that is run by it’s rink rats, as all of the kids and adults alike hang out here like it is the place to be, and for the next couple of days we are welcomed into their “home” to hang out as well.

Oh yeah, and we got to see a little hockey too.  My cohort, Jeremy, covered a bit of the action earlier, but some of the most exciting games happened right here at the end of the night.  We have seen the old guys, the young kids, and the in betweens skate hard.  We have seen big leads evaporate, games teeter totter, and we even came close to seeing a couple of scraps as everyone is laying it on the line for the all important round robin seeding.

We will have a long day tomorrow, and I will try and get us all caught up on the action as we fly through another tournament day.  Stay Tuned!