Checking Out Sponsor Row

The entrance to the rinks at Silver Creek have been as busy as the NARCh Finals, with kids and adults alike checking out the latest and greatest from our sponsors.

The atmosphere on the rinks have been matched by the atmosphere off, in part due to our sponsor displays, and the mobs of players hovering around them.

Tour Hockey is here, represented by Chad Siebel, who also coaches the Tour Mudcats. He has been great with everyone coming by, and has made the transition from player to coach well, as the Pro team is 2-0.

Newcomer Alkali Hockey has an impressive setup, with Joe Cook and Justin Hoffman talking about their exciting new skates and equipment. Both of them should be lacing them up in the 35 & Over division starting tomorrow afternoon.

Revision Hockey is in their perch, up in the restaurant, with a birds eye view of all the participants streaming by. Nabeel and Tyler have been staffing the area, as well as coaching the Revision Vanquish teams.

Labeda has a presence here, with ever popular stickers all over the place, and Tasha and Shelley hanging out at the booth. Rob Chornomud has been around the rink as well, coaching the Pama pro team.

Rink Rat has had their share of interest as well, as Nick and George have been roaming the area, talking to our athletes about their wheels. George is doing double duty, as he is playing on the AKS pro team.

Thanks to these sponsors, we have had a true festival atmosphere!