Checking in from Dumars

Friday update from Joe Dumars Fieldhouse.

I got in last night just in time to catch the 2nd and 3rd period of the Wings Game.   I met up with Chad Spezia and Westin Arch at Boston’s Pizza.  It’s much different watching a game at a bar in Hockeytown as apposed to San Diego.  Everyone is in the whole place is into the game with every TV dedicated to hockey.   When the Wings score the place goes nuts, as if they were at the game. 


We started this afternoon about 4pm.   Today we’re only using the two rinks here at Dumars but tomorrow gets even busier with 3 rinks in use, the 3rd being the New Rink, home of the Detroit Mission Stars.  We’ve already seen some great finishes and we still have a few hours of action left.   The most notable games so far were the 3-3 tie between the Alkali Impulse and Labeda Extreme in peewee,  The 6-6 tie in mite between Reebok 02’s and Stars 02’s, the Pro Game between Alkali FTB and the Mission Bauer Bordercats that was won by the Cats with a late goal, 3-2.


All the usual suspects are here and the bar is packed.  Matt Koleski deserves a ton of credit for setting up this event.   When the event kicks off the rest of the Dumars Staff takes over and Matt is more hands-off since he’s on the bench coaching a lot of teams.  So far it’s been Mike Farinelli and Nick Smolinksi putting in most of the work, checking teams in, posting scores, and collecting funds.  I really enjoy this tournament because I get to focus on what is the most fun for me, which means taking pictures, video, and just hanging out.   When someone has a major issue or complaint I’m usually the one that gets sought after, which I have no problem handling.  At the end of the day it’s still a NARCh Tourney and these guys are a nice extension of my brand when it comes to the Detroit Qualifier.


I’ll be here until the end tonight since my dasher boards logos just showed up and we need to get them up.   I’m a big believer in the little touches.  While most people may not even notice the bear board logos I certainly do, and it would be a shame if they just sat in a box all weekend.


Everyone here is pumped for the FINALS back in Canada.  From what I’ve already witnessed I’m sure there are some NARCh Champions among the teams here in action.


Until tomorrow…