Championship Monday

Well, yesterday was interest. From a spectator standpoint, it was awesome. Great games, excited crowd, happy kids and parents. We had some internally frustration because we thought we lost all of the footage that made up our day 1 highlight video. There was a lot of time and energy invested in it, so to say I was a bit bummed out would be a gross understatement. Luckily Jason Monroe from Alkali spent some time with Itan on the computer and they were able to recover the files and finally get the video up. Jason has a lot of experience and is doing the videos for Alkali and owns his own production company, so he’s an asset to have around!

Some things in life you can control and some things you can’t. Yesterday we had a few things come up that you can’t. Steve, the owner of Dreamsports, was going through some worst-case scenarios about the really nasty weather coming through. His fear was that people wouldn’t be able to get to the facility this morning due to the snow and ice. I didn’t even want to think about that.

Then about 8pm I was having a conversation with Blake Peckham on the bench for the NCR Elite Team while I was shooting pictures. He asked me how my day was going. 5 seconds later a sheet of glass shattered. Times like these all you can do is laugh it off and make the best of the situation, which is exactly what we did. Terry Peckham from Silver Creek was present and he captained the installation of the glass since he has the most experience. All in all, about a half hour delay and I ended up grateful that Terry was here to help, as it could have been delayed a whole lot worse.

Two divisions ended yesterday, the atoms and mites. In atom the BIRR won the gold division, Dreamsports Dragons won the silver championship, and in mite the Alkali Dragons took gold while Mission Black Ice took the silver title. There were a lot of new players to NARCh in these divisions and I think they all left happy and more excited about playing in future tournaments.

The Junior Championships between Alkali Buffalo Fusion and Mission Black Ice is our first game today and it took overtime to settle. A shot on net from Chris Kendall looked fairly harmless but Justin Banaskak hustled hard from behind the net and scored the game winner from his knees to give Alkali Fusion the cup to carry back to Buffalo.

Nothing but straight championships today, so it’s going to be a lot of action in a short period of time and before you know it the East Coast Winternationals will be in the books. Looking forward to a strong home stretch today.