Carolina Dreaming

By Jeremy Ellis

Good morning folks, from sunny North Carolina!  I have to say after the winter I have had to go through in Chicago this year, coming down to NC is an awakening!  The weather is beautiful, the rink is BUZZING, and the people are awesome.  The Dreamsports  Center is pristine and ready to welcome a bevy of NARCh constituents.

Team moms and managers are scrambling to get in paperwork on time and all the teams are looking really sharp.  Lots of sharp uniforms with some great styles and color combos.  For being in the south, Carolina is really a hockey crazed area.  Unfortunately, the Hurricanes are done for the year so that killed some of the buzz, but we had no problem finding a dinner spot with NHL playoffs on the big screen.

We have 6 divisions this weekend as these teams are hustling to get qualified for what promises to be an epic 2014 Finals in Florida. We unveiled some new dasher board emblems for Finals and they are sharp!  I will make sure to get a shot for one of the later blogs. Atlanta is in a couple weeks, so some of these squads will be pulling double duty.  That event is filling fast, so if you are interested I would suggest calling the office on Monday to reserve your spot.  

Squirts and Mites have gotten the weekend underway with Pee Wees and Midget teams making their way to the rink.  We start running on both rinks at 12:30 today so the action will get even more intense.  Its been a plethora of activities throughout the day here as kids of all ages have taken to the adjacent rinks for soccer, golf, and play time.  Eventually all of them wander over toward the hockey rinks to check out the action.  You have to love when the 3 year olds look up at their parents and whisper that they want to try hockey out.  

More updates throughout the day, so stay tuned.  So long for now……