Bring on the Regional Qualifiers!

What’s going on with NARCh to start the regional season.

Bring on the Regional Qualifiers!

I’m currently flying to Florida to kick off the 2012 Regional Season. Literally in flight at 35k, thanks Delta! We’re heading back to the Skatium in Ft. Myers this weekend and start the season off right, with a completely full event and even some new teams in the mix, which is always exciting.

I’m always pumped this time of year and can’t wait to get things started, but even more so this year. We’ve got big plans for ’12. For starters, we’re completely redoing our website. With any luck it will be done and ready to launch in a few weeks. It will be more in line with a lot of things we’re doing through social media, like Facebook and Youtube.

Unless you’ve been playing roller hockey in a cave you know that we’re huge into the videos the last 2 years. We’re cranking that effort up even more to do some really cool things this year. On the editing front, Duke Tomlinson was the go-to-guy in ’10, and Mike Vickerman was the man last year. Those two will be back in ’12 and we’ve also added Itan Chavira to our staff. All 3 guys have a little different taste, but they’re all good and creative.

Itan and I haven’t had the greatest history, but he’s reached out to be involved and I thought long and hard and gave him a chance. I’m glad I did. Everyone deserves a second chance and Itan is kicking tail so far in ’12. We’re all having fun, doing what we love, and making NARCh even better in the process!

On the video front, I might be a little ambitious but I’m hoping to pull off some things at the NARCh FINALS that would be really, really cool. For starters, we would have every game for sale and have team dvd packages. We’ve outsourced that in the past but we’re looking to bring it in-house and do a better job. Here’s the kicker though, we want to offer team highlights and even go as far as individual highlight videos. How cool would that be! There will be a charge for this service but we’ll keep it as reasonable as possible. Aunt Bettie doesn’t want to sit there and watch 4 full dvd’s of your games at NARCh, but I’m sure she’d love to see that 4 minute highlight!

One thing that’s changing this year is that we’re making it mandatory to stay at the host hotels for the FINALS in San Jose. Actually you can stay wherever you want, but you’ll have to pay more for the entry fee if you’re not at a host hotel.

The city and convention bureau’s and host hotels are very important to our tournament. It’s pretty bad when a hotel doesn’t want to partner with us and takes all the business from a partnering hotel that’s located next door.

We’ve negotiated some great rates at some great hotels! Most rates are the same or lower than they were when the FINALS were in San Jose in 2010! In addition, to show our appreciating, when a team is staying at the same hotel and turns in an organized hotel form upon check-in at the FINALS they will receive 12 rocket pucks and a puck bag. Over a $100 value and every team could use more warm-up pucks!

I get the impression that some people that have come to the FINALS in Cali haven’t seen much outside of San Jose. I’m telling you right now, you’re blowing it! California should be the best vacation you’ve ever had if you’re not from here. I feel so strongly about this that I’m actually going to road trip it up to San Jose in a few weeks and make a bunch of cool stops and video tape it to give people an idea of some things to do. Hopefully this will help encourage a few on the fence to come join the party and give some good ideas to those that are definitely coming.

It’s obviously early, but my first hunch is that the FINALS will be larger than it was in 2010, the last time we were in San Jose. The San Jose Qualifier is over two weeks away and already sold out. The So Cal Qualifiers are going to be nuts too.

We’ll have more California Teams than ever before, plus more International Teams than ever, and more teams traveling in from out of state than we had in 2010. Not sure if we’ll hit the 400 team mark again, but it will be the event that you don’t want to miss this summer if you’re a serious player.

Stayed tuned to Narch Site and Facebook for updates this weekend from Ft. Myers. If you really can’t get enough, you can also follow my insights and sometimes sarcastic remarks and dry humor on twitter. NARCh Boss is the handle.