Because It's the (Nor Cal) Cup.

By Lonny Lovins


It is nice to have some winners playing up here in San Jose this weekend, after the Sharks made dubious history this past week.  Our Nor Cal Cup finals kicked off today, and the games have been a good respite from what us Nor Cal people had to endure from our So Cal counterparts.


The Cubs are always a big draw up here, and they played their little hearts out in front of the biggest crowds.  As I have said many times before, I always look forward to seeing the future of our sport playing at these young ages.  I really enjoy the programs that have been built up here for the little guys and gals.  The coaches are teaching these kids how to play the right way, and they are teaching invaluable hockey skills that they will use for the rest of their hockey playing lives.  The greatest thing about this division, is that all of these kids have a smile of their face the entire time.  They are enjoying themselves during every shift, and it speaks volumes to the way that their organizations teach them to enjoy the game.


The Jr/Men’s division is as fun as ever with the kids playing against the adults.  The NCR team has their Midget team playing in the Jr./Men’s division, and they are doing quite well on the back of good goaltending and smart defensive play.  Plus the kids still have that invincibility thing going for them, so they have no fear about shooting the puck.  It has done them well, and I expect them to place high in the division.


We are missing a squirt division, but hopefully next year we will see our squirts come back in full force.  For now the Pee Wee division and the Mite division will have to make up for it.  There is no doubt in my mind that the kids will be up to the task.  


I am looking forward to our finals tomorrow, you should as well, and if you are local, come by and check out the action.  I will be using my best announcer voice to give the kids the best experience possible.

See you all in the am!