America Runs on NARCh

by Alex Morrison

I may have borrowed that tagline from another company…

Some people are fanatics for certain things.  For example, in California, it is hard to travel more than a mile in any major city without finding a Starbucks.  In Canada, the same can be said for Tim Horton’s, and in New York, it is Dunkin’ Donuts.  This is an example of 3 very successful companies that have branded themselves very well, and serve a product that is good enough for people to come back again and again.

In the roller hockey world, there are some regional events, much like the above example.  Being the event that covers all of North America, and who consistently has a wide variety of teams at the NARCh Finals from every region is one of the main things that seems to set us apart from these other events.  Branding obviously comes into play here, as any company would want their name to be associated with positive thoughts.  The most important of all though is quality of product.  That’s where I have seen a vast difference in what is offered to the player/coach/parent.

The most impressive thing that I have been lucky to see on the back side of things is the amount of work that goes into the photo, video and social media production.  Hopefully you have had the chance to see some of the work that Daryn has done, with the help of Mike Vickerman in San Jose at the west coast WinterNationals, and is doing on his own here in Bethpage.  The equipment they are using is state of the art, and the result of the production is pretty impressive.  Check out some of the things that have been done in the last few weeks:

Pro Player Interviews (please excuse the poor grammar by whomever created the graphics!  =)

NARCh Pro Interview

Pro Division Highlights

NARCh Pro Highlights

Facebook Picture Galleries

East Coast WinterNationals Pictures

This is just a small sample of everything being done to enhance the experience for everyone participating.  All of this on top of running an event that has a professional staff, officials that care about the sport and what they contribute (we flew 3 great referees in for this event), and a schedule that people can count on being punctual, if not early, 95% of the time (barring overtimes, rink issues or other exciting stuff).  It is always neat to hear so many great things about what we do from so many people… it makes these weekends with 5 hours sleep completely worth it!

America(‘s roller hockey) Runs on NARCh!