Alvin's 1st day working for NARCh

This is my first Narch event as a crewmember. I am very pleased with the tournaments that Daryn has put on. It really is “the world’s greateset roller hockey”. These tournaments are jammed packed with action and are exciting to watch. The atmosphere inside the San Jose’s SilverCreek facility is electrifying. Business fills the place with the Head Honcho himself snapping phenomenal images, Itan capturing some riveting footage, Alex and Jeremy are refereeing and holding down the booth along with myself. We are well under way and overall this weekend looks promising.

I have only been to SilverCreek Sportsplex a handful of times and every time I come here the food is always amazing. I haven’t tried everything but I absolutely adore the pepperoni pizza that is made at High Five at The Plex. The aromas of the sizzling pepperoni leave my senses tingling. In addition to good food, the rinks at Silver Creek are second to none.

Unlike typical hockey rinks with the full-length boards and glass, these rinks have a whole side of glass top to bottom. It really is a great venue to watch some puck. If you have never been here before, it is definitely a MUST SEE.

With the second NARCH regional tournament underway, Silver Creek Sportsplex is booming with people, and like any other Narch event, a cornucopia of explosive hockey games.  So far there have been some high scoring games, and I’m anxious to watch a few more to really visualize what Northern California teams have to offer. I am originally from Southern California and I’ve been to quite a few Narch Qualifiers down there, so I have experience to compare.  I had some time to burn and I chose to spectate a couple games.  The little guys are adorable to watch play, Cubs and Atoms battled it out to the end. Cubs Silver Final went knotted at 1 a piece into extra time, with the Savage from Ripon burying a dandy goal in overtime to take the gold in Silver Final over the Spongebobs. Those are Narch Pro players in the making.

It’s almost closing time now, and its been quite the first day of work. The energy has died down at this point but don’t fall asleep the will be back in motion tomorrow morning!  I had so much fun working this first day of tournament hockey and I feel very fortunate to be apart of the Narch gang. I would like to thank Daryn and the whole Narch crew for giving me the opportunity to contribute to this wonderful event.

- Alvindo7