A tournament directors first day - by Casey Wedge

Although I was just as excited as always to be spending the day at the rink, I knew waking up this morning that today was going to be a little different. Loving hockey more than anything and growing up playing in NARCh tournaments when I got an opportunity to help out with the NorCalCup tournament series I jumped at the chance. I’m graduating from UCSB in three weeks and with an opportunity to stay involved in hockey I really couldn’t be more excited.


After coming to these tournaments for so many years I knew that they’re quite the production and lots of time and effort go into making them that way. Being on the other side of things taking care of paperwork, getting teams checked in, keeping stats, and making sure everything runs smoothly rather than playing has not only been a great experience so far but also made me appreciate all the tournaments I played in the past and how well put together they’ve always been. I felt pretty shaky doing an awards ceremony for the first time and completely butchered it but I’m feeling better about it now and can’t wait to get back at it in a just over an hour.


Running the UCSB Roller Hockey Club for the last couple of years has really helped me with organization, prioritization, and really staying on top of what’s going on which directly translates into helping to make sure the tournament runs smoothly. So kids the moral of the story is to stay in school and get good grades so you can graduate college and maybe get an opportunity to stay involved with the sport you love.


I’m itching to get out there and play more and more as the day goes on but I’m starting to really figure out how the tournament runs and all the work that keeps the weekends going. Looking to build on my last awards ceremony announcements, I’m probably going to drink a couple more cups of coffee before the days over and do everything I can to pitch in around here.