A Memorable Day

Day 13 – July 25th

Every NARCh FINALS there’s usually 2-3 days that really stick in my head because of the great games and I’m pretty sure today is going to be one of those days.

First it was the Alkali Fusion FTB that needed overtime to get by the CO Wolverines in midget platinum playoffs by a final of 4-3.   The Wolverines scored two goals in the last 1:20 to send it to OT, so there was a scent of upset in the air, but FTB had the finally say in this one.

Next on the same rink it was the Revision Vanquish that scored with about 15 seconds left and an extra attacker to tie the NCR Tour Elite to send that game to overtime tied at 4-4.  Revision would win it in overtime on a nice wrap-around.

Not to be outdone and I jumped to the other rink where the Division 1 Playoff was taking place.  Las Vegas Tour Rebels had a commanding 3-0 lead very early in the game over Alkali, but there was still plenty of time to battle back, and that’s exactly what Alkali did.  It would also go into overtime tied at 4-4, and this one was a very entertaining, physical battle.  Not cheap or dirty, just physical.

In overtime the Rebels pressed hard and got a no-brainer high stick call that went against Alkali.    On the power play Alkali got possession of the puck short-handed and Alex Hudson took off.  With a nice dish up he found himself on a one-on-one and made a nice move on the D-man, while getting the goalie to open up.  Just like that the game was over on this great individual effort and Alkali will play again later.

What’s also cool about all of the above is that I got it on video, so you can check them all out in the Day 13 video that will be up tomorrow.

It’s not even noon and we have great matchups all day.  By the end of it we will crown champions in the midget platinum and Division 1.    Squirts, Peewees, Bantams, and Juniors are all in the prelims today.  Squirts and Bantams will be seeded later, while Peewees and Juniors are just getting started.

I received our weekly stats today from Facebook and they’re off the charts with a reach for the week over 62,000 people.  The coolest part about Facebook and everything we’re doing with the pictures and videos is that it educates people on the sport.  I have a lot of friends that really don’t even know what I do, they just know it’s in the hockey industry.  When people post or share a cool picture or video it shows people that are unaware of this sport how cool it is.

I hope you’ve enjoyed what we’ve shared so far.  Look for more through the end of the event.