A little inside perspective

By Daryn Goodwin

Today is going to be a super exciting one at the Silver Creek Sportsplex.  Tons of regular games for some, playoffs for others, and 10 champions will be crowned when it’s all said and done.  I figured I’d try to write a super quick blog because I know I won’t have a chance later today.   Nothing worse than being in this back room on the computer and hear the roar of the crowd outside and realizing I missed something super exciting.

The guys have been doing a good job of blogging but haven’t touched on the younger boys and girls.  Atoms and mites are in early action, most have played one game and on the second this morning.   6 and under cubs are in action too and I can’t get enough of them.  It’s honestly therapeutic for me.  Sometimes it gets a little stressful around here and then the cubs come on the rink to put it all in perspective and make me smile for a few games. 

A personal bummer for me is that my good camera lens dropped and broke yesterday.  Bad enough that it’s pretty expensive but I’m more bummed out that my pictures won’t be quite as good from here on out.   I try to at least get a little taste of action from each division and post the pictures on Facebook.  Many of you already know this as you tag and comment on the galleries, which I think is very cool and rewarding.  We do have a dedicated camera crew that has been shooting thousands of pictures throughout the event, so make sure you stop by their booth by the front door and check out the shots from your games.

Our first video is up from Friday and I’m excited to see the one from the action yesterday.  With all of this stuff we continuously try to raise the bar.  This is an awesome sport and we want to present that way.

Growing up playing hockey I had a coach that said something that has always stuck with me.  He said, “If you can look yourself in a mirror and know that you tried the very best you can, then whether you win or lose, you should be proud of yourself.”  Some players today will be overjoyed that they won, others upset that they lost.  This little saying always helped, except for the few times when I might not have tried my best. 

 At the end of the day this is a game.  The part that I think is cool though is that it teaches you lessons that apply to life.  Even though I don’t put my skates on quite as often as I used to, I still ask myself that question in the mirror as it applies to other things.

Whether you’re playing, coaching, or parenting, enjoy your day at the rink!