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  • I went to both regionals for NARCh pro with the Tron Hosers. Unfortunately we are only going to put in a team for the 24 under league. I'm looking for a team for NARCH pro if there is anyone has room. Thank you!  My name is Anthony Mata, my email is

  •  I'm looking for a team (or teams) to play with at NARCh. I'm 19 so I can play midgetsstill, women's, juniors... Anyone that needs a goalie, and I want to playfor as many teams as I can.-KTMiller

  • My son, Luca Rea, qualified Platinum/Gold is born in 2003, plays Elite AAA ice hockey for the Toronto Titans. He has played roller hockey for the past five years for the Team Ontario at (Statewars) and Oakville/Halton Coyotes. We would love to take part in the NARCh Finals (Estero, Florida). If you’re looking for an elite forward player like Luca please contact us at

  • I'm a goalie looking for either a 21U Platinum team or a Men's Gold team for the West Coast Finals. I've played Narch platinum before and play college ice hockey as well.Email: d.newhall29@gmail.comPhone: 619-616-6092

  • My name is Johnny Bonta, I'm a 1995 birth year from Cincinnati, OH who has played narch before at the junior AAA and senior AA level. Looking for a junior, d1, or adult team(s) to play for. contact me via email or by cell phone (513)-885-1949

  • I'm a 97 bronze/silver player, I need a team for the qualifier in Pittsburgh and for the NARCh finals! I'm a player! I will buy a jersey and pants if needed and I will travel for tourny's! Contact me at 239-321-1355 or email

  • The War Hawks are searching for a bantam gold goalie to participate in the Huntington Beach NARCh FINALS.  If you are interested contact Jason at

  •  Currently playing in the top Division of 14U in Edmonton (Alberta) Inline.Played for Hockey North Seera Bantam One Team during the 2104-15 season.Last year as a 12U goalie his team won gold in 12U Edmonton Inline Division One.He was asked to play for the Sherwood Park Bullfrogs (rep) team and won the Alberta Provincials in 12U (A) Division. (2014)The Sherwood Park Team went to Las Vegas where they won a Silver Medal in the 2014 JR Olympics.For further information please contact myself Brian P

  • 10u silver qualified goalie looking for a team for NARCh FINALS in Florida!  Contact

  • Need  40 and over player for finals in Huntington Beach?   I'd like to fill a roster spot. I'm asilver level player, offense or D either one. If you could pass my info to anyteam in need of a player. Contact:  Brent Ratley(209)918-4123  

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