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  • Midget Silver team looking for a strong goalie (will play for FREE) and 2 more strong players, preferably on defense, for Winternationals.  If interested, please contact ASAP (562-756-6138 or )

  • Player looking for a Midget and Mens Silver/Gold Team for WInternationalsI am looking for both a midget and Mens Silver/Gold team forWinternationals in San Jose. Last season I played midget AA/AAA.Please contact me at:

  • I will be in California the weekend for winternationals. Looking to play for any team that needs a player. I am 21 and have a ton of experience playing at narch in platinum level competition. Best way to reach me is via email. Thank you for the time.  Email

  • San Diego Rockets are looking for players for the West Coast Winternationals for their 6u and 8u teams.  If interested email

  • Defensive defenseman looking for Midget Silver team to join up with for Winternationals.  Smart, consistent, fearless shot blocker, rarely caught out of position.  Currently plays for Mission Bauer Raiders Midget A and IHF Irvine Combo Varsity teams, but neither team is going to San Jose.  Contact at or (562) 756-6138.

  • My name is Patrick Hecht.  I am a 93 goalie, and I'm looking for a Men's or Junior's team to play with at NARCh Winternationals in San Jose.  I played Midget Gold at NARCh Finals last year, and would like to pllay with a Men's Gold or Junior's Gold team, but I'll take anything if possible.  It's my last year in California, so I would really like to play.  Thank you.  Email:

  • Pee Wee player needed.  Thousand Oaks Bruins are looking for at least one defenseman.  Please contact Jason at 805 496 8559 or email at

  • Hi i am 23 years old and currently looking for a team to play for. I am a very good defensive played and been playing for several years now. I am from the Pittsburgh area and very dedicated to playing.  Email:

  • 28 yr player looking for a Men's Silver team for Winternationals West Coast.I played silver in Narch finals this summer. 5 goals, 4 assists. Phone: (530) 921-6647.

  • My name is Darren Brumfield and I'm looking for a men's team going towinter-nats. From San Bernadino and played for Jr.Reign and Cal-Stars. Canbe reached at 909-346-5919. Money and time from work are already handled.Can play defense but have an offensive personality.

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