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  • By Kevin Dwyer - As we dawn on Day 7 of NARCh, it shocks me how quickly the first six days went by! To inform everyone out there, I am the man behind the scenes working the robo cameras for the NARCh Live Stream. It's quite an honor to be a part of what NARCh has put forth this year, seeing the sport of roller hockey at a fresh point of view. As we prepare to stream games, Jason Monroe (the director), myself, and Mike Vickerman who works the bench camera, try to keep a consistent way of how we

  • By Lonny LovinsWith the heart of the tournament underway, we are really starting to see some parity with the teams. There were a couple of exceptions, but for the most part the games were extremely close. The Jr. division was our closest division today as far as the round robin games were concerned. In the 1st round of play, we had tie games in all but one game, and even that game was decided by 1 goal. Defensive play was on display as there was only one game where a team scored more than 3 goa

  • by Alex Morrison We have had 5 great days so far at the Finals, and hope that day 6 extends the streak.  We have the Pee Wee, Midget, and Junior Gold Skills Competitions, and the Squirt Gold final comes toward the end of a "short" day.  It's funny that a 10 hour day is considered short to us! The way we have approached this video production is new to me, and I have had a good time stepping in and interviewing kids and helping make this a truly special experience for them.  The addition of Gai

  • By Lonny LovinsAs we head toward the Squirt Gold skills competition, and the waining hours of day 4, I look back on the day we had and take a little pride in being a part of it.  While there was a lot of running around, I get to take a second and reflect on some of the things I got to see. We started off today with a couple of extra cups of coffee after having a few over time games push us back toward the hour of midnight last night. It took us a minute or two to get everything set up, but onc

  • By Lonny LovinsThe culmination of all the hard work that the young guys and gals have put in comes to a head today as we get started on our first day of championship games.The playoff and championship days are always a blast, once we get going it seems like they travel through the tournament like a tornado, and by the end there are medals, trophies, some tears, and a lot of smiles strewn about the rink.As Alex stated last night, we have finished the seeding for 3 of our divisions, and we will se

  • by Alex Morrison The longest meter is more like it up here.  Day 2 at the NARCh Finals was the longest of the 17 days we will spend in Mississauga this summer.  65 games, and 5 skills competitions took place  over the course of 17 hours, and we didn't have a dull minute. The skills competitions were the highlight of the day.  We started things off with the Atom Division, which was the largest skills turnout by far.  We had over 30 shooters!  This was one of the more entertaining skills com

  • By Lonny Lovins The longest day of the tournament started bright and early for us, and if I thought yesterday was moving, today is flying. The games today have tightened up a bit, as there are a lot fewer lopsided affairs. Most of the teams who had rough games yesterday, have refined their play and come in today refocused. This is a good thing to see especially when you have a lot of caring parents who want to make sure their kids are playing in the right place. I have gotten to see quite a f

  • It was a solid start to the 2013 NARCh FINALS today.   With so many moving parts the first day is always a little tougher until everyone gets in a rhythm and routine.There were many lopsided games today which is always a little bit of a bummer to me because if I had it my way every game would be won or lost by a goal and come down to the end, but that’s obviously not realistic.   The good news is that it will work itself out through the prelims and by the time we hit playoffs and the divis

  • By Lonny Lovins               The majority of our hard work ended last night.  As the dust settled from set up, we got a good meal in us, a meeting out of the way, some shut eye, and BOOM, just like that, the tournament is upon us.  The rink is bustling with kids on skates, parents with bags, and music blaring from every angle.  The sponsor area looks amazing.  All of the vendors have brought a great deal to show off, and with the booths and the banners, this is already shaping

  • By Lonny Lovins | June 17th, 2013This weekend marked the end of our NARCh regional tournament series for 2013, what a weekend it was.  While Daryn was hard at work taking great photographs, and editing video, I got a chance to see a lot of great hockey.  It got me excited to see what the finals is going to bring.I also got a chance to meet Phil Nolan and all of the rest of the the wonderful staff here at the Hershey Centre.  For those of you who may not know Phil, he is a rock for the sport o

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