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  • We have been getting through Division 1, and as expected the results from the round robin were really close. Almost all of the teams making the playoffs had between 4 and 6 points respectively. Obviously this creates fun situations for us, as we have to head to tie breakers to ensure that everyone is seeded correctly. Although with a division as close as this one, almost anyone could be seeded 1 through 8 and it wouldn't matter. Out of the gate this morning, we had some teams come in ready to p

  • By Jeremy Ellis After an adventurous Friday of travel from Chicago, I am finally here for my 7th go-round, the 20th annual NARCh Finals.  The weather in the Toronto area got downright nasty yesterday with thunderstorms, high winds and even tornado sightings.  All of those led to a long delay for me taking off from Chicago, which allowed the Chicago weather to turn for the worse delaying my departure even more.  After exploring O'Hare airport for 8 hours I finally took off and ended up here in

  • By Lonny LovinsYesterday I moved temporarily from tournament directing, to tournament playing. I must say even playing every week, you don't quite work up a sweat like you do when you are playing for trophies and medals. It is a lot of fun to see all the “old guys” like myself out there digging in the corners, doing the skills competition, and laying it all out for a chance at the cup. So far the competition has been intense, but the sportsmanship has been top notch. Most of the teams out

  • By Lonny LovinsAs tournament directors, there is always a lot of heat on us to provide the best experience possible, and I feel like that is something that we, as a team, excel at doing. We have brought an experienced and knowledgeable staff and referee team, which helps keep the heat pretty low. However, as the games get more and more important, we are usually in a position to help keep everyone's head nice and cool. So far this tournament, we have had a lot of really good coaches, parents, pl

  •   Unfortunately we missed the Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake kickoff last night, but that doesn't mean they haven't been in our thoughts all day here at the rink. On that note, we will be using song names for the theme of today's blog. “Can't knock the hustle” - The PeeWees came out flying this morning with two tightly fought games. Right out of the gate, we had the NCR Tour Elite playing against the Mississauga Mission Rattlers in our PeeWee Gold semi-final. The Elite team has been playing

  • By Kevin Dwyer - As we dawn on Day 7 of NARCh, it shocks me how quickly the first six days went by! To inform everyone out there, I am the man behind the scenes working the robo cameras for the NARCh Live Stream. It's quite an honor to be a part of what NARCh has put forth this year, seeing the sport of roller hockey at a fresh point of view. As we prepare to stream games, Jason Monroe (the director), myself, and Mike Vickerman who works the bench camera, try to keep a consistent way of how we

  • By Lonny LovinsWith the heart of the tournament underway, we are really starting to see some parity with the teams. There were a couple of exceptions, but for the most part the games were extremely close. The Jr. division was our closest division today as far as the round robin games were concerned. In the 1st round of play, we had tie games in all but one game, and even that game was decided by 1 goal. Defensive play was on display as there was only one game where a team scored more than 3 goa

  • by Alex Morrison We have had 5 great days so far at the Finals, and hope that day 6 extends the streak.  We have the Pee Wee, Midget, and Junior Gold Skills Competitions, and the Squirt Gold final comes toward the end of a "short" day.  It's funny that a 10 hour day is considered short to us! The way we have approached this video production is new to me, and I have had a good time stepping in and interviewing kids and helping make this a truly special experience for them.  The addition of Gai

  • By Lonny LovinsAs we head toward the Squirt Gold skills competition, and the waining hours of day 4, I look back on the day we had and take a little pride in being a part of it.  While there was a lot of running around, I get to take a second and reflect on some of the things I got to see. We started off today with a couple of extra cups of coffee after having a few over time games push us back toward the hour of midnight last night. It took us a minute or two to get everything set up, but onc

  • By Lonny LovinsThe culmination of all the hard work that the young guys and gals have put in comes to a head today as we get started on our first day of championship games.The playoff and championship days are always a blast, once we get going it seems like they travel through the tournament like a tornado, and by the end there are medals, trophies, some tears, and a lot of smiles strewn about the rink.As Alex stated last night, we have finished the seeding for 3 of our divisions, and we will se

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