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  • By Jeremy Ellis Rolling into Thursday July 24, 2014 and excitement is in the air.  All of the top guns have been rolling into the Germain Arena and that means one thing; NARCh Pro starts today! The best roller hockey players in the world have converged on Florida to seek fame and glory.  The annual ritual is one that this sport’s community looks forward to every year.  While other events have Pro divisions, the one that takes place every year at NARCh is the biggest and the best. The Missio

  • By Lonny Lovins  The Platinum teams have moved in and taken over the tournament, and the action has never been faster.  The way that these kids move the puck and think on the fly is amazing.  The D-1 teams are well into their playoffs as well, as we have both of our semi-final games set and ready to go in a couple of hours.  Our Bantam Platinum Division is as close as any division I have ever seen.  Most of the teams have played their third game, and there isn’t winless team, or

  • By: Lonny Lovins  The Gold Division, Men’s Gold, Men’s Silver, and Men’s Bronze all wrapped up over the last couple of days.  There were a lot of good games, both in the round robin play, and in the playoffs, with three of our championship games going to overtime.  I will give the divisional breakdown, and walk through the final games.  Squirt Gold Division - The Squirt Gold Division was tightly fought, with only two mercies being recorded during round robin play.  The seeding

  • By: Lonny Lovins I am back in my black NARCh polo today, after being off the last couple of days.  I was on a playing hiatus, and I have to admit, I had some of the most fun I have ever had playing hockey.  Since I was off duty, I got to watch a lot more hockey, and interact with a lot more players than normal, and the consensus that I got from everyone, is that they were having a great time.   The playoff games were really tight, with most of the games being decided by a couple goals or les

  • By Jeremy Ellis “Playoffs??  Playoffs?? I just hope we can win another game.”  -Jim Mora Well, day 10 of the 2014 NARCh Finals is underway here at the Germain Arena and we are smack dab in the middle of Adult division playoffs.  We rounded out the final games of regulation play last night and under took the task of seeding 40 teams combined throughout the men’s divisions.  When the dust finally settled, 23 teams woke up this morning with playoff games on their to-do list. The Gold divi

  • By Jeremy Ellis Halfway home through Saturday here at the Germain Arena and despite there not being multiple championship games, the action has been intense throughout the morning and afternoon. We have had some issues with moisture on the Arena Rink today that we have been addressing.  There were some areas on the floor last night that received a thorough washing in order to keep the floor tip-top.  Unfortunately, some of the water pooled under the tiles and had worked its way to the surface.

  • By Jeremy Ellis 2014 – Glad to be back here for the NARCh Finals.  I arrived yesterday here in Florida and walked into a great atmosphere at the Germain Arena.  I think it is safe to say that this is my favorite facility to have Finals at and I look forward to coming here every few years.  This is my 3rd Finals in Florida and each one has been better than the last. This Final’s is somewhat bittersweet for me.  My initial association with NARCh was as a referee.  I have been working as a

  • By Lonny Lovins Day number seven, and we are off to a great start.  We have had two more divisions go final, and we have some great skills competitions coming up. The action has been getting heated today, as a lot of the older kids are letting their emotions get the best of them on the floor.  This has resulted in a few more penalties, and a lot of power play goals.  We have been having a great tournament so far, and I expect we will see even better things going forward.   We have been getti

  • By: Lonny Lovins  We are roughly one third of the way through finals, and our Silver/Club Divisions have wrapped up for the kids.  Overall, the skill level of the Silver and Club Divisions is increasing,  which I believe will lead to our Gold Division getting better, which will in turn make our Platinum level amazing.  The tournament has been running very smoothly, and the games for the finals have been really close, with a few of them going to OT.  The round robin games were close as w

  • By Lonny Lovins If you tuned out early last night, you missed some great games.  I know that most parents and teams wanted to get some rest, but in leaving, you may have left the best games of the tourney so far. It seems like everyday I am talking about the best game I have seen thus far, but I guess that is because as we get farther and farther into the tournament, we are going to see better and better games.  Last night I witnessed the longest game I have ever seen since I have been working

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