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  • By Jeremy Ellis The final weekend is upon us here in Huntington for the 2015 West Coast Finals.  Teams have come and gone throughout the course of the event, but the ones still here have ratcheted up the action in the quest for hockey glory.  Our last full day keeps the staff extremely busy as we work through the remaining championship games.  In the meantime, some of the staff is quenching their thirst to play after watching over 500 games.  Our staff are competing in both the over 30 and o

  • By Jeremy Ellis Working into the final weekend here at the 2015 NARCh Finals here in Huntington Beach.  The old men divisions - over 30 and over 40 - lace them up for the first time today.  It is always fun to come see what some of the big names from years past have left in the tank. There are 5 teams in the over 40 division here this weekend.  After two games the the Cassidy's Selects and Team Labeda have sprinted out to an excellent start.  Cassidy's picked up 2 points against the Rockets

  • Midget Division- The Midget Platinum final was a domination in all aspects of the game by the Mission Bauer Outcasts, as they made short work of the Revision Vanquish. Not to take anything away from the Vanquish squad, because they are really solid, but the Outcasts team is so good from the net out, they are tough to beat. The Outcasts would get the scoring started in this game, with #91 Jonny Waring scoring the ice breaker. #42 Cy Jewel would get the assist, and he would show why he is playing

  • Interview by Nick Boyarsky Between Running the booth and playing multiple divisions at NARCh West we caught up with Verbero's head honcho CJ Gamble for a Quick 20 Questions.  Name:CJ Gamble Where are you from?I’m from Pittsburgh, PA originally. Now I live I'm in Modesto, CA. What brings you out here to NARCh West?I’m here with Verbero Hockey. We have our first booth as a NARCh sponsor set up. While I’m here, I’m playing for a couple teams as well; Men’s Gold with Verbero, and 30

  • By: Lonny LovinsWe have had quite a few finals games thus far, and it has been a long time coming, but I will try to recap the action, and keep those of you who were not lucky enough to be here, informed.  Cub Division - The cubs are one of my favorite divisions, because they are the only division that keeps up with the pros for fanbase.  Their fans are vocal, and a lot of fun to be around.  Some of them may get a little overzealous, but for the most part, it is all about the kids.  The

  • By Jeremy Ellis As day becomes night here on day 9 of the West Coast Finals, the big boys of mens silver and gold have begun to step foot here at The Rinks.  Some familiar faces have graced us here today including vaunted sniper Charlie Middleton, former NARCh pro player from the Revision Vanquish.  It was good to see Charlie lace up the skates again here in the mens division.  Charlie lives in the valley so he mentioned it is hard for him to get to the rink for roller, so the Finals being on

  • By Jeremy Ellis One of the most anticipated events for the fans every NARCh Finals are the skills competitions.  Some of the most exciting moves that we have put together on our highlight videos over the years have been collated from these competitions. The skills competitions here at NARCh are truly unique in a couple ways.  Here at the Finals you can participate in both the sniper and fastest skater competitions.  We have had one person, in Cubs; take down both events during the Finals this

  • By: Lonny Lovins  First and foremost, a big happy birthday to Daryn Goodwin.  Our fearless leader works tirelessly to put out the best tournaments possible, and more often than not, he does.  He can be a bear to work for sometimes, but most of the time it is all good.  Either way, a big congrats to him, as we move toward the end of our tournament.It has been finals day here, with Bantams and Junior divisions finishing up.  So far the best game of the day came out of the Bantam Silver di

  • By: Lonny Lovins  The Bantam Platinum skills competition just finished, and it was the best one that we have had all tournament.  These kids had more fun with the skills than the Juniors, and Pros combined.  I am glad to see the joy in these kids faces when they still play for the love of the sport, and they aren’t “too cool” to compete or get embarrassed.  Although I did have to prod Christian Acosta to skate in the fastest skater, which was kind of funny, since he won pretty easi

  • Interview by Nick Boyarsky: We took a second to sit down with So. Cal youth inline legend Ean Somoza to ask him 20 questions before he plays for his Squirt Platinum Championship game here at NARCh West Finals:Name:Ean Somoza How old are you?12 Where are you from?Thousand Oaks, CA What team or teams and divisions are you playing with this weekend at NARCh West?Playing with Bodangles Squirt team in Platinum/Gold. How cool is it for you to play NARCh finals so close to home?Yeah it’s cool and

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