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  • By Jeremy Ellis We all watched the Mission Black Ice grow up before our eyes at the 2014 NARCh Finals.  This year they showed that they are here to stay.  With a series of dominating performances over the past 3 days, the Black Ice capped another successful run by going undefeated and earning their second NARCh Pro Championship. The Alkali Assault could not keep up with the speed and precision that has become the hallmark of the Black Ice incarnation. One of Roller Hockey's favorite sons was

  • By: Lonny Lovins   A lot of good things happened yesterday, and today looks to be even better.  Yesterday we got Atoms and Men's Platinum started.  The Men's division looks really strong, with teams that might be able to give our middle of the pack Pro teams a run for their money.  Look for the Scorpions, the Rumrunners, the Capitals, the Rinos, and the Tropics to stay pretty tight knit as we head into playoffs tomorrow.  I watched a few of these games, and the hockey was really fast, a

  • By: Lonny Lovins   We are well into day three, and the championship games have gotten started.  One of the best things about this facility, is the way we can present the championship games to the fans, kids and teams.  With the spotlights running, and the professional feel of the bowl in the main arena, everyone feels like a big shot when they play in the big game.  Things have been getting better here every day, and we are looking forward to smooth sailing from here on out. The smooth t

  • By Jeremy Ellis Well it is good to be back here at the Germain Arena for myself.  The first Finals that I worked was in 2007 here and it brings back fond memories of that time.  The rink still looks great after all these years and I know it is a favorite of every one that plays the sport.  Before hitting the rink today we stopped by the local Publix for some provisions.  We happened upon one of our teams here at the 2015 East Coast Finals who had their car decked out for the road.  Let me j

  • By: Lonny Lovins Good morning from day two here at NARCh Finals East, here in Florida.  Yesterday went off like clock work, and we expect that today will be no different.  We have an all-star crew here, not only with the staff here at the rink, but also with our refereeing crew, and the NARCh group.  Things are looking pretty good, and the energy in the rink, even at 8:30am, is palpable.   Today will mark the beginning of our Pro Division, and Women's Platinum Division.  With the Pro Divisi

  • By: Lonny Lovins Although this is only my second time here, Florida is already my favorite place to travel for our tournaments.  There is nothing like this for Roller Hockey, anywhere else I have traveled.  It took us roughly three days to get everything set up, and it looks beautiful.  We have a brand new floor on the arena, and it is immaculate.  It looks fast, and feels faster.  With the lights shining down, it is going to be great for each team to get an opportunity to skate on it for

  •  Interview by Nick Boyarsky  We asked Revision Vanquish Bantam and Midget standout Cooper Haar to spit out the answers to these 20 questions between his Midget Semi and Championship Games:  Name:Cooper Haar How old are you?16 Years Old Where are you from?Hunting Beach, CA Who are you playing with and in what divisions this week at NARCh West?Revision Vanquish 99’s in Bantam, and Midget with Vanquish also. What’s it like playing NARCh Finals at your home rink here in HBIt’s cool

  • Junior Division - The Junior platinum final may as well have been a second or third pro game.  The speed was good, the talent was better, and the hockey was pure.  The Revision Vanquish, and the Mission Bauer Outcasts met in round robin play, with the Vanquish taking it to the Outcasts.  The Outcasts were looking for revenge, and they seemed pretty pumped up to get back out on the rink and take a shot at the Vanquish guys.  Whatever wind the Outcasts had in their sails, quickly dissipated wh

  • By: Lonny LovinsWe have had quite a few finals games thus far, and it has been a long time coming, but I will try to recap the action, and keep those of you who were not lucky enough to be here, informed.Cub Division - The cubs are one of my favorite divisions, because they are the only division that keeps up with the pros for fanbase.  Their fans are vocal, and a lot of fun to be around.  Some of them may get a little overzealous, but for the most part, it is all about the kids.  The purity

  • Interview by Nick Boyarsky    In the final days of NARCh West, we sat down with Anthony Falette who let us get in the mind of a NARCh official and gave us some great insight into the event here in Huntington Beach, CA through a referee's eyes. Name:Anthony Falette Where are you from?Encinitas, CA What brings you out here to NARCh West?Reffing NARCh hockey day 1 to day 11. How long have you been officiating inline hockey?5 Years,  where I've just done NARCh events. As well as Roller, yo

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