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  • by Nick BoyarskyIt’s been a long time since I walked into the Xcel Energy Center in 2002 for my first NARCh Finals in Minnesota. Seeing Roller Hockey on a National Stage in a venue like that was something I will never forget.  Watching Pro games and seeing the skill at the older Platinum levels made me look at the sport in a whole new light. I was hooked from then on out.This weekend I get to see a NARCh event from a new perspective; as a member of the NARCh Staff. Observing and interacting w

  • Today is the busiest day of Winternationals as every one of the 127 teams will see action today.  We’re already in playoff mode for the peewee divisions, and will be soon for the squirt and bantam divisions.   All other divisions not in play yesterday will kick off today. Running tournaments is often stressful but I really enjoyed myself yesterday.  It’s always great to see good people that you haven’t seen for a while and NARCh Winternationals feels a bit like a reunion.  I’d say a

  • by Alex Morrison After a year off to open my restaurant down in Carlsbad (Craft Burger), it is great to be back in the mix with the NARCh crew.  I have known Daryn for a long time, and have developed a friendship with him that will last the rest of our lives, so coming out to work here and spend time with the staff that I like being around sometimes doesn't seem like work at all... that is until the 15th hour of the workday rolls along. The Pee Wee Division is already 2 games in, and Squirts ar

  • By: Lonny Lovins   We have had a great time in Florida, and we are looking forward to our last few games and championships today. The tournament has been great, and the people have been better than amazing.  I really enjoy this venue, even when it is raining outside.  There is something refreshing about going outside in the rain, and it still being comfortable enough to wear shorts and sandals, that does it for me.   Yesterday we had one of our best seeding frenzies of the tournament.  

  • By: Lonny Lovins Apologies to my faithful readers, we missed our spot yesterday.  With so much action going on, it was tough to get behind the computer for more than a few minutes.  I will try to hit you all up twice today, to make up for it. Our Men's Silver division is going strong, and we will have a lot of action in the division that boasts the most teams, and our highest percentage of sandbaggers :D. We had some fantastic finishes yesterday, with the Bantam Platinum and the Bantam Gold pl

  • By: Lonny Lovins Today has been a quality day.  The hockey has been excellent, and we are quickly heading toward our next seeding frenzy.  Tomorrow should be awesome to watch, as the Platinum teams try to determine who is going to rise to the top in all of the divisions.  The playoff games have been strong as well.  All the usual suspects have been representing their teams well.  The Bordercats, the Roadrunners, the Scorpions and the Sting really showed us some amazing games.  Sometimes I

  • By: Lonny Lovins We are 2/3rd the way done with the tournament, and the games and days have been getting faster.  Everything up to this point has been really entertaining, so I expect by the end of this thing, we will have even more memorable moments in the book.   While we have had a few minor incidents, most of the games and teams have been really sportsmanlike.  Unfortunately for us, our boy Jeremy Ellis heads home today, so you will have to handle my raspy voice from here on out.  It has

  • By: Lonny Lovins We are about midway through the day here in Estero, and the Florida teams have come on strong to protect the home turf.  So far in our two morning Squirt Division games, we have had Florida teams topping the charts. In our first final of the morning, the Scorpions, out of Florida, played a tough Cayman Islands team.  The Scorpions made this game look easier that it should have been, as they stayed with the speedy Caymans, every step of the way.  The Scorpions would use an eve

  • By Jeremy Ellis So NARCh has been around for over 20 years and never before have we seen an effort like the one this weekend.  While it did happen in the Cub division, the facts are that it still happened and the feat is definitely worth mentioning. It may take years for any player to accumulate 56 goals over the course of a typical 5 game tournament, but for Jaxon Cover of the Cayman Islands, he chose to do it in one weekend.  While his shot may be precise at this point in his career, we may

  • By: Lonny Lovins The speed is picking up here at the finals, with the older kids rolling in.  We have seen a lot of cool things thus far, but today the rink is abuzz.  There are people everywhere, and the teams coming in, seem to have traveled well.  The concourse in front of the NARCh booth has between fifty and a hundred people hanging around getting ready to start their tournament.   So far the teams are establishing themselves in the Squirt Platinum/Gold division, with the Boneheadz an

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