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  •   There’s a defining moment every event that sticks in my head where there’s dramatic action taking place simultaneously on different rinks.  For the 2016 West Coast FINALS, that memorable period was last night.  Between 7-9pm 3 things happened that will stick with me for quite a while. Obviously I don’t have a dog in the fight, so I just sit back and appreciate the moment for what it is.  The cliché’ that I remember as a kid watching Saturdays Wide World Of Sports certainly fit

  • By Alex Morrison For players that are on multiple teams during the NARCh Finals, days can be long.  They might play early in the morning in one division, late at night in another, then back at it in the morning.  Sleep is not always first priority.  The dedication of the player to their respective teams is more important.  We have quite a few players that fit into that category. The interesting dynamic is when these players have different teammates, and even different coaches.  To transitio

  • BY: NICK GISMONDI HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA – I’m a romantic when it comes to hockey. How could I not be? The sport on a whole has given me more than I’ll really ever be able to pay back! This magnificent game has afforded me the career of my dreams, my closest friends and an extended family on par with my blood. It’s a fantastic game that requires a discipline, skill, and creativity that few, if any other, sport can match. And on top of all that it’s a pure team sport that engages every si

  • by Alex Morrison The famous song by Queen is one that everyone wants to be able to quote when they walk in the building.  Of the 214 teams here, only a handful will be able to make that statement.  Today, we crowned the first 2. In Mite Platinum, the Pama Cyclones 05 were the favorite to win this division from the beginning, and even going into the championship game against the San Diego Rockets 05.  The Cyclones even took a quick 4-0 lead, leaving our staff scrambling to get the medals ready

  • Day 3 of the NARCh FINALS in Huntington Beach is about to begin and it will be our busiest day of the event so far.   It’s a bit of a transition day.  We will be handing out championship cups in some mite and peewee divisions while other divisions like the cubs, atoms, women's, squirts are just starting up. The RINKS will be packed and loud.  The cub and atom parents and players add a level of energy to the event, as well as noise.   The newer parents are typically very vocal, adding the

  • By Alex Morrison As it usually goes, the 2nd day of competition is a little more intense than the first, as teams usually play 2 games each day before being seeded into the playoffs.  Games 3 and 4 tend to have a little more strategy, based on the team’s goals against standings, and the assumed quality of their opponent.  Today has been no different. The 16 team Mite Silver/Club Division ended the preliminary round of play with only 2 teams undefeated.  In Silver, the San Diego Rockets 06 a

  • By Alex Morrison Today is the start of 23 Days of the NARCh Finals, taking place on 6 rinks in 2 different states.  This first 11 days is held at The Rinks – Huntington Beach, where 214 teams are coming in to play 576 games.  We are thrilled to have groups in from New Mexico, Oregon, Nevada, Arizona, British Columbia, and quite a few players from the east coast that are joining teams here.  Outside of North America, teams from Japan, Brazil and Colombia have joined the fray as we find out w

  • The days leading up to the NARCh FINALS are always hectic.  Tons of details and we rely on great partners coming through with commitments.  Things that aren’t exactly small details, like medals and trophies arriving.  Same with scoreboards, signage, merchandise, etc.  A lot of moving parts. I’m happy to say we’re in solid shape and excited to kick things off tomorrow.  The rinks look fantastic, NARChed up and ready to roll.  Staff is putting up the last few dasher boards as we speak.

  • by Alex Morrison The end of the regional season can be a busy time, as we have hundreds of teams to register for the NARCh Finals, the seeding of those 400 plus teams into their respective divisions, and scheduling the 20 days of hockey on both coasts.  Finishing things up near home in Escondido is a great thing for us, and a nice weekend of hockey for those last minute qualifiers, and the teams trying to get a NARCh tune up. The rinks here in North San Diego County are in the middle of a city

  •  BY NICK BOYARSKY One of my favorite things about working for NARCh this year is seeing roller hockey in parts of the country I’ve never had teams of my own travel to for a qualifier.  Being from the West Coast we only get to see and play teams from other parts of the country once a year at NARCh Finals. For me, it’s always interesting to see how different the styles of play are in each market and how it translates to playing against each other. Last weekend I was in Atlanta, this weekend

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