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  • By Mike Vickerman  Today’s events did not disappoint fans or players in the Championships. Some amazing hockey took place, as well as lot’s of overtime.In the Mite division the Red Deer Snipers fought hard but couldn’t contain the Sherwood Park Bullfrogs. The Snipers played the first period perfectly, but fell short in the second.A shoot out would determine the Champions in the Squirt division. The number one seed Sherwood Park Bullfrogs took on the second seed Reed Deer Snipers in the mo

  • It’s about 11pm here at Joe Dumars Fieldhouse and we’ve started the downslope of this tourney, as well as the NARCh Season.  This event is always sort of a pinnacle of the regional qualifying season.  Not just due to the scope and size of this tourney, but the focus after this shifts to the NARCh FINALS.  We still have 5 very important regional qualifiers coming up, but the bulk of them are behind us and the FINALS are in our not-so-distant future.Today we’ve already crowned champions i

  • By Mike VickermanWe’re wrapping up an exciting Saturday here at Sherwood Park. When the day is done, all teams will be seeded and playoffs will start bright and early tomorrow morning.  There’s only two teams in the Mite division, and the Sherwood Park Bullfrogs have won both the games so far, but the Red Deer Snipers came together in the second match. It should be a close game in the final. There is still one more game in the Squirt division and it looks like the Sherwood Park Bullfrogs wi

  • By Mike Vickerman  Greetings from Sherwood Park, Alberta Canada. After seven hours of travel, clouds, rain and lost luggage, I’m still excited to be here this weekend. This weekends tournament is taking place at the beautiful Millennium Place- and what a facility!  The Sherwood volunteer group has gone above and beyond any regional I have ever seen.Upon team check in, every team gets a care package and the feeling that they are at a major event. There is also a raffle where you can win an

  • Friday update from Joe Dumars Fieldhouse.I got in last night just in time to catch the 2nd and 3rd period of the Wings Game.   I met up with Chad Spezia and Westin Arch at Boston’s Pizza.  It’s much different watching a game at a bar in Hockeytown as apposed to San Diego.  Everyone is in the whole place is into the game with every TV dedicated to hockey.   When the Wings score the place goes nuts, as if they were at the game.  We started this afternoon about 4pm.   Today we’re on

  • Check out NARChPlayers on Instagram!  A good mix of old and new NARCh Moments are already up!

  • by Alex Morrison We are 26 games into this weekend's event in Georgia, and what we have seen so far has not disappointed. I don't usually lead off with this division, but the most interesting thing that I have seen in a long time is happening here.  Each team has played 2 games, making 4 total games played so far.  Of those 4 games, 3 of them have been ties, and the remaining game was decided by 1 goal.  That means in the Men's Division, 2 of the teams are 0-0-2, one is 1-0-1, and one is 0-1-

  • by Alex Morrison We have started this weekend's event in Snellville, a suburb of Atlanta, and have a full day ahead of us.  The SGAA Dual Deck Arena is a very intimate place with the rinks separated by a 20 foot wide raised walkway, all the makings of a great environment inside! All 25 teams will be playing today at least 2 times, and a few have 3 games.  While a majority of the players are from Georgia, a few teams have made the trip from North Carolina.  I recognize a lot of faces from the

  • By Casey Wedge Irvine Recap/Sunday Wrap UpThe Irvine Regional Qualifier is a pretty big event each and every year. However, a 96-team tournament producing 20 division winners is entirely unheard of.  With 216 games jam packed into 3 days there’s been too many tight matchups to catch everything in pictures and film so I’ll do my best to sum it all up here.As I mentioned yesterday there were eight teams in this weekends Atom division. Following pool play the division 8 and under division

  • 20 championships – 20 years – 20 minutesIt’s hard to believe that we have over 20 championship games today.  That’s a new record.  We usually try to stagger them a bit and get a few done on Saturday, but it just didn’t work out this tournament.  We start the morning with continuous semi-final games and in about 4 hours it will be nothing but championships running at the same times on multiple rinks.  I’m sure the action will be intense and we’ll have many dramatic finishes

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