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  • By Lonny Lovins We worked late into the evening last night, putting the finishing touches on all three rinks.  We take a lot of pride in making sure that we put on a great event, and it took a strong team effort to make sure that everything was ready.   There is a lot of excitement about the drone camera capability, and I look forward to seeing how it will translate into the overall production of the games.  If it looks as good as it did during testing, it is going to look amazing when you se

  • We had a great wrap up to our regional season, with an exciting tournament in Mississauga.  We had some fun back and forth blog banter with our counterparts at other tournaments, and we came out smelling like roses.  Every time we come to Mississauga, we see a lot of talent.  A lot of these teams will be making the trip to Florida, so it was good to see what we are going to be in store for down there.  Phil Nolan, the head of the Mississauga Mission Rattlers, feels his top teams have a good

  • by Alex Morrison   This was a weekend of extremes in the Philly suburb of Broomall, especially temperature wise, as our final qualifier of the season comes to a close.  Friday started off with torrential rain showers, Saturday greeted us with cool weather, and the final Sunday brought on sweltering heat, bringing the rink well above 90 degrees.  We were able to put a full day of games in Sunday, working past 5pm, as our friends up north spent their half day at the arena, eventually gettin

  • By Lonny Lovins The games are flying up here, as we get ready to head into our first final of the weekend.  The two teams meeting for the Mite crown, The Oakville Coyotes and the Mississauga Mission Rattlers, met earlier today in a spectacular round robin game.  The Oakville Coyotes pulled off a big win in the 11-10 barn burner.  We expect the championship game to be just as exciting. The Men's/Jr. Division is providing a lot of strong play as well.  While the cream of the crop is going to b

  • by Alex Morrison   We have been at it here at Marple Sports arena for almost 12 hours now, arriving at the rink a couple hours early this morning to get everything set up, as our gear from the Pittsburgh regional last week didn't get in until quite late last night.  The good news for Mike Vickerman and I is that we are healthy and able to get through these long days with no complaints, eh.  I know that it is sometimes tough to survive the long NARCh regional season, but us veterans know h

  • by Alex Morrison   The final weekend of the NARCh qualifying season has finally come.  We have 3 events taking place over the next 2 days, with Daryn and Nick running the Las Vegas event, Jeremy and Lonny in Mississauga, Ontario, and finally Mike and I in Broomall, PA.  There won't be much of a contest in blog writing, as Jeremy and Lonny will be fighting for computer time to get their rambling blogs in... they will come in first and second place.  Daryn usually writes very informative b

  • By Lonny Lovins:  We had a great tournament in Huntington Beach.  It was my first time at the facility, and it wasn’t too bad.  I wish they would get a little better airflow throughout the rink, as it is a bit stifling heat wise.   Other than that, it was a quality facility to hold a regional tournament.  We saw a lot of familiar faces, but I was a little bummed not to see more of the Nor-Cal crowd travel down.  We had a ton of teams from San Diego, Arizona, and Nevada cruise into t

  • By Lonny Lovins:  We are heading into the wee hours of the night here in Huntington Beach, and while most people would be asleep or out at this hour, we still have some hockey games to settle before the night is over. With all of the games we have had go to overtime, coupled with the low amount of mercies that we have had, it has added up to a long day, but a day filled with great hockey.  We have had a few divisions go final already, and each of those games have been hard fought and clos

  • By Lonny Lovins:   I want to wish everyone a good morning from beautiful Huntington Beach, and reiterate that it is nice living in California.  I was on a beach in Mexico yesterday morning, flew into town last night, and already I feel like I am back in paradise.  The sun is shining, the temperature is great, and the hockey is always just a bit better out here. While vacation was nice, it is always good to come back to the familiar faces of the hockey world.  NARCh has a way of bringing

  • By Lonny Lovins  We have wrapped up the tournament here in Snellville Georgia, and it brought us some really good final games.  As the season starts to move toward the end, it is a race to the finish to see where everyone will be placed.  The East Coast swing has been great, because I feel like I am seeing a real accurate representation of the teams and people I will see when we are in Florida.  I have not been to NARCh finals in Florida, so I am excited to see how it is being shaped.  For

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