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  • by Alex Morrison We are 5 hours into the day, and almost all of the Squirt, Pee Wee and Bantam teams have played a game.  Over 40 teams are here in the building within a 3 hour span, an unusual sight for a Friday morning! After a couple dozen games, I already have a contender for game of the day.  About 30 minutes ago, on rink 3, the CCM Bulldogs White from Southern Cal played the KIHA Warriors from O'ahu.  The Bulldogs scored with 5 minutes to go, putting them in a 6-5 lead.  A little back

  • It’s a great, familiar feeling to be kicking the season off at Silver Creek Sportsplex with the West Coast Winternationals.   A lot of things are consistent with how they’ve been in the past.  From the great rink staff that helped us all day to get the facility dialed in to the Thursday Night Prime Rib that I just took down in the High Five Restaurant, this place is hard to beat in so many ways.While we were setting up today there were some teams from Australia that took the rink.  Their

  • By Lonny LovinsWe will get going with our NARCh finals wrap up by starting with Saturday's action into Sunday's finale. The Women's division is always one of our most competitive divisions. While round robin is done a little differently than our other divisions, it usually ends with a pretty strong final for the Gold and Platinum gals. After a strong preliminary round, our Platinum and Gold seeds were set. The Revision Vanquish would cruise to the #1 seed by winning all 4 of their round robin g

  • By Lonny LovinsOur day started with the Bantam Final. I know I keep saying this every day, but our final games seem to be getting better and better. Reebok/BTM and Alkali Max gave us a treat today with a double over time thriller. Both teams played a little tighter to the breast than we were used to seeing them in the round robin games. The game played out to a 2-2 tie in regulation. This brought on our first overtime. Both goalies stood on their heads in overtime, and control was the name of th

  • By Lonny LovinsThere was a lot of action today as we welcomed our Pros into the building, and figured out the divisions for our platinum youngsters. Most of it was amazing, some of it was a little shaky, in the end all of it led us to the point we will see tomorrow. Our PeeWees rolled out this morning to finish their round robin games. The Roadrunner 99's outplayed an over aggressive Bad News bears team to put themselves in a position to take 4th place in the division. The class of the division

  • Usually you only want to chase two of three afore mentioned things in the title. Unless you are known for being Infamous, then you are working for all three at once. Before we get to the Division 1 play, we will go through where the rest of the day has taken us so far and recap some of the best games. The games in our Platinum divisions have been so close that it seems each day I am re-writing the story of the day before. We showed up this morning ready for the speed and skill, but not necessa

  • We have been getting through Division 1, and as expected the results from the round robin were really close. Almost all of the teams making the playoffs had between 4 and 6 points respectively. Obviously this creates fun situations for us, as we have to head to tie breakers to ensure that everyone is seeded correctly. Although with a division as close as this one, almost anyone could be seeded 1 through 8 and it wouldn't matter. Out of the gate this morning, we had some teams come in ready to p

  • By Jeremy Ellis After an adventurous Friday of travel from Chicago, I am finally here for my 7th go-round, the 20th annual NARCh Finals.  The weather in the Toronto area got downright nasty yesterday with thunderstorms, high winds and even tornado sightings.  All of those led to a long delay for me taking off from Chicago, which allowed the Chicago weather to turn for the worse delaying my departure even more.  After exploring O'Hare airport for 8 hours I finally took off and ended up here in

  • By Lonny LovinsYesterday I moved temporarily from tournament directing, to tournament playing. I must say even playing every week, you don't quite work up a sweat like you do when you are playing for trophies and medals. It is a lot of fun to see all the “old guys” like myself out there digging in the corners, doing the skills competition, and laying it all out for a chance at the cup. So far the competition has been intense, but the sportsmanship has been top notch. Most of the teams out

  • By Lonny LovinsAs tournament directors, there is always a lot of heat on us to provide the best experience possible, and I feel like that is something that we, as a team, excel at doing. We have brought an experienced and knowledgeable staff and referee team, which helps keep the heat pretty low. However, as the games get more and more important, we are usually in a position to help keep everyone's head nice and cool. So far this tournament, we have had a lot of really good coaches, parents, pl

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